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Trust In Yourself

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Learning to trust can be a difficult task for all of us. Learning to trust yourself may seem impossible at times. We all experience moments of self-doubt. This short meditation invites you to begin to explore the concept of self-trust and helps you to set an intention for your day.
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Trust in yourself
Thank you for that intention for the day.... it is so hard for me to trust the process. I will keep repeating and breathing
Trust in Yourself
How would it feel to trust in yourself completely? To be at the starting line of a race and trust yourself to finish well? To trust that your knowledge is sufficient for any test of it you might encounter? To trust that what you are doing in the moment is the right thing?
Trust in Yourself
TRUST IN YOURSELF! Challenge the self-doubt, the fear, the need for external validation in your decision making. Live the life you need, not the one others demand of you. Learn to trust that you are on the right path ahead. BELIEVE that you know what is best for yourself. 💜
Much needed!
i really needed this one today. thanks a lot Aura. i'm really loving these sessions