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True Nature

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a Zen story about accepting our True Nature and that of others.
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Moving forward....
I think I was true to my nature when I was born and wanted to continue to be true to my nature as I was growing up. But it gets pretty difficult when the environment around me distract me and sometimes prohibits me from staying true to my nature. I’ve thought about this many times and I do struggle with it at times. I can’t always control my environment and it gets pretty crazy at times. But I work at it and that makes me feel like I’m moving forward, I’m not locked in to it. 🙏
You can be defined by your nature as perceived to be from the outside or you can be true to the truth that you were born with. Can you change if conscious of a choice - yes you can, all things can grow and become more. Your truth at this time is to be discovered or followed to create a new truth in time. Growth is never finished, there is always more truth to be found.
Scorpion stories tend to go this way...
The lesson seems to be about acceptance...if you can make peace with the knowledge of who/how/what someone IS you can continue to behave as the best you are when interacting with them. Never change your true nature...if you are a helping soul, help who you can where you can, regardless of who/what/how they are! But be aware and expecting of THEIR nature!
Day 3
I feel that this story has a really good lesson to be learned. Animals and creatures aren’t mean and hurtful because they want to be, it is because that is their nature. If your nature is to save then you will save. Don’t let those things stand in the way of your true nature. “Our life is what our thoughts make it. “
Stay true to yourself and do not change for anything or anyone. Accept ourselves for who we are and for what we believe in. In the same notion, accept others for who they are and their beliefs. Acceptance is key for more kinder relations with yourself and others.
True Nature
This short, simple Zen story was a wonderful and affirming reminder that regardless of how someone treats me, I must remain true to my nature. Thank you for bringing this story to my attention Cherish.🙏
Walter J
I have believed for as long as I can remember that my nature is to be of service to others. I Am thankful that it is a broad enough Idea to take on many forms. I am naive enough to believe I can be of service to anyone and foolish enough to believe I can be of service to everyone. I just need to think of how it can come about. For example the old man in the story’s nature was to save. So why did he not grab a branch so he could safely stay on shore and save himself and the Scorpion at the same time?! Especially after the scorpion warned him once! There is usually a win-win option in every decision we need to make, we just need to Wake Up & Think! (A big part of my nature) and find it. Great story with lotsa lessons in it ( & BTW my astrology sign is Scorpio - ha) ❤️ ♏️🍀
True to your nature
I learned that similar to the scorpion, people behave similar. Some lash out when under pressure, others would give up, some extend a helping hand even though they know they may get hurt. To then, risk it all, do it again, extend a hand. I see about in my relationships with others as the old man in giving the benefit of the doubt but often putting my heart to the side.
good morning
We should always view life this way. Life will occur and happen differently for each one of us because we all serve a different purpose. We should always be true to our true ways and nature, and one should be that way at all times and in all situations...to truly be genuine. Regardless of whom is on the receiving end. It's also like story of the snake that bites you after being helped, well because it is a snake after all. What im taking from this short meditation is: ALWAYS BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Be true to your human nature and fair to all deserving creatures, knowing they are also being authentically themselves.❤
True nature
Some people are miserable and unhappy, and refuse to change. Just because someone I know is like this does not mean that I will change my true nature to make them feel even more miserable. I will still give love and feel empathy. I will still be the light.
True Nature
Do not let the world harden your heart. Continue to be kind. Continue to reach out. Continue to save.
True Nature
These difficult times seem to be bringing out everyone's true nature. Remember to be kind
True nature
This truly made me reflect. We cannot change the true nature of beings. So it is us who must make decisions based on our true nature.
True Nature
Do not let others change your true nature. Continue to keep your kind heart
Your True Nature
I learned that each and every living thing has its own true nature and there’s nothing we can do about it, so we must just stick with ours.
I am nature
I learned that anything in this world is possible It’s funny because my ex whom I still have so much feelings for was kind of in the same situation but I was trying to save her from the scorpion instead
If I Could Remember
If I could remember that, how much hurt would not become mine. How much anger I would avoid. How much more pure love I could give. Beautiful message.
My nature
I am a protector, and a person who can take on others burdens, and help them find happiness again.
This is new. It's my beginning. Things seem bright. I am new to aura,and it serves my purpose
True nature
I must be true to myself but not expect others to not alsoI be true to themselves. If I know their nature to be evil, I should protect my heart.
Savior syndrome
I’ll always be the one almost drowning as I try to hold everyone else’s head above water.
Accept others' nature
In life we should just accept the nature of others and not let it influence us in how we express our own.
Wrong story for relaxation
For me, a story about a scorpion sting a man who was trying to rescue it —despite the truth of the story about the nature of creatures— is not a relaxing one. I’m not sure why THAT story would have Ben recommended for someone having trouble sleeping.
True Nature
We all behave according to our true nature. We must be aware of this.
That was sun to calm me? I mean I understand what the story is about, but it wasn’t calming at all.
How was this calming?
It was a nice story, with a nice message. But I don’t understand what this had to do with being calm or trying to sleep.
True Nature
Do not allow others to change and hsrden your heart. Act according to your true nature.