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Transforming Anxiety into Calm

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This is a beautiful four-part Meditation. Allow yourself to experience each stage, feeling the sensations, feeling the release of tension and worry, and for allowing your body to relax, your mind to soften, and for experiencing the deliberate transformation from anxiety into calm. Namaste everyone! xo dorothy
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I started my evening feeling somewhat angry, frustrated and sad. No one to share my feelings with. I choose this meditation because it was longer than most and focused on breathing. It was a very good choice! I could truly focus on all four parts without being distracted. It is exactly what I needed at this time. Plus, Dorothy's voice and manner of speaking is always comforting for me. I am ready for sleep. Namaste. 🙏
Excitement & nervousness
Tonight my sleep has been interrupted with emotions over my reunion with my daughter tomorrow. Originally I thought my mind needed to b calmed. Now I'm realizing this is healthy. It is like the night before a big speech, a bike race, a job interview, or any other big moment. So I am grateful that my body & mind recognize the significance of tomorrow.
Anxiety to calm
I love Dorothy’s meditations, this one truly brought calm to my entire being. The 4 steps took me deep into myself and relaxed me to my core. Thank you! I appreciate you using your time to help me appreciate me.😊
Extreme roller coaster ride of Emotions!! Dorothy calms and restores my sanity.
A lot of my anxiety stems from chronic illness. It’s a viscous circle that involves the adrenal glands so I’m always looking for a way to switch that off. When it happens my muscles are tense and my mind is wired. This meditation helped me focus.🌷
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