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Transform Anger into Thoughtful Action

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Jordana Reim
Manage big life moments with grace
We're often told we shouldn't be angry and that anger is damaging to our system. In this short session, we explore the bad rep anger takes on and how, if we can practice mindfulness amid the anger, we can use it as the transformation necessary at the moment. Through self-awareness, with a sense of peace and ease, the anger can take a new shape of compassion and thoughtful action.
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3 reflections
An Angry Person
I really struggle to handle my anger. I’ve always considered myself an angry person and I’ve always struggled to let anger go, I often find myself thinking I’m a bad person for being an angry person because it’s always considered such a negative emotion. The idea that anger can be positive in any way is new to me, and I’m hoping I can find more helpful meditations on here to help me manage and release my anger.
Anger comes back
I have always suffered so much injustice in my life and yet I achieved so much. I have moved to another country due to my marriage and iam struggling here because their values are so different from mine. I am a good human being who only wishes the best to everyone and to the planet but others are so unfair. I feel so powerless and undervalued and this frustration creates anger. I meditate, I do mindfulness and I feel I am better. However, when an adversity comes I feel the same anger, I struggle to deal with it, with injustice and prejudice.
Reoccurring Anger
I learned that sometimes our anger in the moment comes from unhealed wounds/traumas of the past. When others have been angry with us later emerges in our own anger