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Transactional Love!

18 Min
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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Today's session will illustrate how most relationships are run by the ego and how to transition into a spiritual relationship! Cheers~
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Love this!
I tell my daughter this very thing all the time! A to the Men!
Transactional Love
I was able to reflection on my last experience and while it ended, I. saw how transactional love had a space in it. Teena I am all about spirit. From inception if it does not appear or sound right, I abandon ship. Very good topic. #Agape
Transactional Love whew 😝
Teeeeennnna!!! Wow girl I’ve listened to this like 4 times since it came out! Boy boy boy I need to email you and ask a question! I needed this session. Thank you! 🥰