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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
We tend to live in a very busy world without recognizing our capacity to allow ourselves to slow down, settle, and become tranquil. This is one of the most important reasons mindfulness meditation is vital to our well-being. I invite you to join with me to learn Mindfulness meditation on my channel Heart Space to help you connect with your inner wisdom and shift your life for the better.
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Home sweet home
Adventures fulfill the soul in a different way than being in our own space. I love adventures just as much as I love home. In their own ways I find peace and tranquillity.
Meditation is helpful during times of stress
I know that meditation helps me when I need it most. I’d like to focus on it more during times of heavy stress. I am away from work this week and trying to recharge. It’s easy to meditate when I have extra time, but I want to focus on it more when things get busy to remind myself to slow down and take care of myself.
Benefits of Meditation
This lesson was learning about all the benefits of meditation.
I’ve been inconsistent with meditation for years. I realized the little bit of time I’ve made for it has positively impacted my behavior and has made me more conscious of the positive and just more analytical versus just getting so overwhelmed or frustrated. It’s nice to see the growth in my mind.
Meditation Practice Benefits
We tend to live in a busy world where we are constantly moving our focus from one thing to the next. Then our focus becomes attached to what we like or dislike which often times leads to unhappiness. By taking a few moments out of our day to slow down to practice meditation, we are able to connect with ourselves as well as our surroundings with an open awareness. As we continue a daily mindful practice, we are building our resilience to whether the storms in life by being able to stay calm.
Reflecting on tranquility
This Life coaching session is perfect for me. It reminds me that I should focus on making my body still and cultivating a sense of tranquility from one moment to the next. Often times, when I meditate I am guilty of overthinking my meditation practices, which decreases their ability to help me become tranquil and still. Hopefully, exposure to This and other meditations will,as Cindy suggested, help me to find peace and tranquility Naturally. Thank you to Cindy and all those who work for this app for putting this track together. You have helped me to reflect on how to bring a sense of tranquility into my meditations and my life. I am grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.
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