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Tranquil Morning Serenity 8D Meditation

11 Min
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Dr. Liz Slonena
Mindful Hypnotherapist & Sleep Expert
Experience a profound state of calmness and mental clarity through this guided meditation session, designed to enhance focus and productivity using brainwave entrainment binaural beats. These beats enable your body and mind to embrace mindfulness fully. Integrating the potency of mindfulness and hypnotic suggestions, this meditation aims to boost time management skills, alleviate anxiety and stress, and foster greater confidence and self-control. Empower your subconscious mind to adopt improved time management habits, aligning with your health and wellness aspirations. Presented by Dr. Liz Slonena.
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3 reflections
Just Being
It is a beautiful morning in North Georgia. I am sitting on the front porch of the cabin I am staying at. There is a cool refreshing breeze. I can hear the last bit of the rain in the trees falling to the ground. Breathing in the refreshing clean mountain air rejuvenates my spirit. It grounds me in the present moment. I am grateful for this time of serenity along with being surrounded by nature’s beauty. My intention for the day will be to soak up as much of nature’s goodness before I head back to the suburbs tomorrow.
Sitting underneath an oak tree, I began to take in and follow the guidance of the narrator’s gentle words. As I followed my breath, I recognized the swirling within my mind begin to slow. This ebbing and flowing of the breath much like gentle waves crashing along a shoreline is my lifelong friend. As I enter into loving awareness, I began to witness thoughts, sensations, emotions and sounds ebb and flow much like the breath was. It was as if I were a rock lying in a river, grounded in the silt below. Allowing water to flow over me, I am becoming polished with experience. Thank you for a beautiful experience! Namaste 😊❤️☮️
Too much talk
Yak yak yak. In the time allocated to the recording, she talked too much, not allowing me to ponder on each of the ideas and directions offered in the session. This would have been more successful if the recording was twice as long.
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