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Toss Negative Thoughts Away!

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Britt Dirnberger
Habit Change Specialist, Life&Health C
Those pesky little negative thoughts... let's get rid of them once and for all with this exercise...
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Toss negative thoughts
Tossing the negative, and visualizing the positive is empowering.
A real safety net for my mind
I love this exercise. Its something I can act out immediately upon recognizing a negative thought in my mind so I can immediately replace it with a positive thought. I see thoughts like interest on money…they really can accrue over time. Negative thoughts (like negative interest) lead to more debt and eventually can turn into a state of mental and spiritual bankruptcy. Positive thoughts (like positive interest) can accrue and transform into true growth, providing eventually a safety net for your mind. This exercise really helps me control the negative debt i place and accrue in my own mind before it becomes too heavy a burden to lift on my own. Thank you!
Such a simple visualization technique that already has helped in first five minutes. Now to build this into my daily practice!!!