Blooming into Brightness
Tonglen. is the word for giving and taking in Tibetan. During the practice the practitioner visualizes taking in the pain of another with every in breath and giving them well wishes on the out breath. In this way, this practice awakens our compassion. Sitting in an upright position, I brought awareness to my breath. I sensed the cooler air entering my nostrils and the warmer air exiting my nostrils. I took in deep breaths into my belly. Cleansed, I brought awareness to my heart. Visualizing a red rose blooming there with a diamond attached to the stem, I wished myself happiness, ease and safety. Ready to begin this practice, I brought someone else into my meditation. With our knees touching, I saw my brother sitting right in front of me. After hugging, I stared at his somber face and saw the pain and suffering in his eyes. As I breathed in, I visualized all of his pain and suffering moving up and out the crown of his head. As I breathed out, I visualized the healing light from this diamond seeping through my pores and penetrating my brother. After a few rounds of doing this practice, I saw his posture become more upright. I sensed he was blooming into brightness. Feeling the love and understanding between us grow, I saw him get up and leave with a sense of ease on his face. I turned my attention outwardly towards the rest of the world. Wishing everyone happiness, ease and safety, I sensed us all blooming into brightness. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️