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Tired, Sore, Achey Feet

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Jaisa Sulit
Occupational Therapist & Self-Care Coach
When your feet feel sore tired and achey try this mindfulness practice. 
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Walter J
Nice meditation with some quiet times to practice what we learn. Breathing down into my feet was a neat experience that I do when I chop wood for balance and rooted strength. But tonight was all about resting my tired, achy feet and it worked. (I bet Cyndee will like this one!) ❤️☮️🍀
Cyndee 🌊
I just love the way my feet feel after listening to this meditation. They are still tingling and I feel completely calm and relaxed! Thanks Aura🙏 (You were right Walter, this was the perfect recommendation for my achy feet!) 👍
If you’ve had a long day being on your feet, this meditation is great to listen to. As you breathe and become aware of feet, your muscles, fascia, and bones begin to relax and welcoming tingling sensations arise. Give yourself a moment to acknowledge and have gratitude for your feet. After all, they bear the weight of you everyday.🦶
The sound of the waves distract me and I couldn’t focus
I learned to just breath and go with the waves .. try to listen to your body
I’m tired,she’s tired, he’s tired...
Lol I’m going for a nap! I haven’t been to sleep since 9 last night and I have a catering at 3pm 🙃
A little mid day boost
I feel a little bit perkier now and I’m grateful I aloud myself to stop after a project and before the next, to practice a little mindfulness
I felt tired when I first woke up, so I did a meditation & I feel awake & connected.
I learned that by taking a few moments of me time..can truly make a difference in my day.
My pain and exhaustion is real
I learned that even though my job involves just sitting and reading the entire day, even don't do physical work like an athlete, fireman, mechanic, etc., I am still allowed to acknowledge that I too have pain. I should judge myself if my feet, knees, back or any other part of my body are sore. My pain is just as legitimate. I get to feel exhausted at the end of my day. It is what it is...
I learned that if I acknowledge my sore and tired feet the pain eased a little
Tired and pain
I am tired and got pain. I sleep terrible. I am a lot off disabled, i cant see, cant walk, lay down 24/7 in a laying wheelchair on 1 side. Uses oxygen for the longs. And a peg-j tube in my stomage and my darm.