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Three Transitional Breaths

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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
This is a micro-practice of mindfulness using three breaths. It is great anytime, anywhere, but can be especially useful to start your day out, or during transitions throughout your day.
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Good Morning
i feel relaxed. this makes for an AWESOME start to the day :)
Walter J
Great idea & easy to do. I have used 3 deep breathes to calm down and get ready for sleep for years & it works. I have also used it to re-energize my body during an afternoon slump and it can really flood your Body with oxygen and wake you back up. I look forward to trying it to transition more often! 🙏🏼❤️🍀
Three Transitional Breaths
This is easy to do and it can change so many things in my day...I found it helpful, now it's time to practice it! THANK YOU
Transitional Breath
Settling into a comfortable position, I brought awareness to my breath. Feeling the slightly cooler air in my nostrils as I inhaled and the slightly warmer air in my nostrils as I exhaled. On my next cycle of breath, I felt my body relax, the muscles in my my shoulders and belly unraveling. On my third cycle of breath, I brought in what was important to me in this moment. With that, I sensed peace and love flowing throughout my body. This transitional breath is one I will use throughout my day. Thank you, Kimber! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Peace within so fast
Breathing in and out . Who would of thought someone helping you do this the right way could actualy relax you so fast ✅
Breath on 9-01-2021
Breathing a bit shallow is okay, and I can relax a bit. Be sure to do yoga stretches first.