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Three Practices of Self-Love

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The three best self-love practices curate love from within, and the simple ways to practice these as a daily habit. Use these practices daily to feel confident, to feel deep appreciation and love of yourself; and to be autonomous and self-empowered because of what thoughts and feelings you choose to hold. I love you!! Dorothy
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3 simple rules
Speak Love Do Love Grow Love I must must must remember this. So powerful and helped so much! Thank you
These are practices I am starting today. I didn’t know how to start this self love journey and this was exactly the guidance I feel I need.
Being, Showing and Growing Love
Relying on others for validation of our worth will only lead us down a path of deep disappointment. Therefore, it is imperative that we find our worthiness from within. We do this by practicing self-love. In each of these three practices of self-love, one underlying theme is love. Love allows us to feel confident and empowered. Love allows us to feel deep appreciation of ourself. Love allows us to see all that is good in our life, which allows us to see our own goodness. Expressing words of love, kindness, encouragement and appreciation to ourself on a daily basis remind us of our innate goodness, of who we really are deep within ourself. These ‘love notes’ offer us the awareness and alertness of our internal dialogue and thus, an opening into how and what we think of ourself. How and what we think of ourself must be the truth. So if we find that our internal dialogue isn’t so friendly towards ourself, especially when we make mistakes, we have a huge opportunity to change it for the better. Asking ourself, ‘what do I need in this moment’ not only shows ourself compassion, but it also gives us the the self-assurance that we know what is best for us. Doing one thing a day that we enjoy grows autonomy. Doing things outside our comfort zone builds confidence. Using our internal dialogue to grow, to nurture and to encourage ourself, we are shown new things about ourselves that we may not have known otherwise. Always looking at each day as an opportunity to grow, our life will never get stagnant. Being Love, we are able to Show Love and Grow Love. Thus, the wonderful benefit to gravitate others towards us blossoms into even more Love. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
It is important to take care of myself. This is definitely something I lack in. It feels amazing to love and take care of my family but I’m missing out on taking car of me also. I need to practice more self love And self worth.
Loving me...
This is the hardest practice of find my self worth, value and confidence again. It’s a continual battle...and just when I do start to feel good about myself...someone will crush me with an insult. It happens every time.... How to not be affected by that is equally as hard. I’m told they are just jealous etc but at the end of the day it’s my self worth that takes a battering and has to be rebuilt once again. Thankyou Dorothy for your sharing kindness💝
Self love
I am resilient I am strong I am beautiful I am kind I am humble
Three seeming simple tasks
These three tasks seem simple but to achieve them can be hard. I try to do them, but often feel that I fall down on them. 🙁 But I get back up and try try again in this quest for self-affirmation!🙂
I learned that I need to be able to rely on myself for everything that I need instead of looking to other people for what I need.
Learn to love myself
This make me feel so good about me . I like hearing this , I will like to love my self to see what really can I do , challenge myself to do new thing in my life and don been scared to do them .
I was actually asking myself what is self love and then this popped up. I needed to hear this in order to step out of sadness and into a place of positivity. 4 pages of love notes later and I feel u
I have the ability to turn feelings around and become uplifted by my self. Writing love notes can give me the answers and help me connect with myself in a place of stillness and kindness and positivity
Notice to myself
I am very important.. Writing lovenotices to myself, can give me more selfconfident..
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