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Three Part Breath

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided breath practice uses the three-part breath to help increase prana (energy) throughout the body and clear the mind. Perfect to do in the morning or afternoon, when you are needing an energy boost.
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10 reflections
A Slightly More Difficult Practice
This practice did provide me energy, but required much more focus to divide up the breath into pieces and regions of the body. I struggled to not hold tension in my face or shoulders as I gave attention. I’d like to try this again with a focus on being at ease while becoming alert.
Three step breathing
I like that exercise. It is one I need to work on because I did feel a bit of anxiety breathing that way. We shall see if I can become relaxed the more practice I do with this particular breathing exercise.
In this meditation, Cassandra guides you through a three part breath. You take a breath into your lower rib cage and pause, take a breath into your middle rib cage and pause and finally, take a breath into your upper rib cage and pause. Then, you exhale all of your breath out. Afterwards, your body is tingling and you have a sense of aliveness. You are energized to begin your day. Have a beautiful day! ❤️🙏🏻😊
Thanks Cherish!
Good recommendation! I had a little trouble with the pace of the three-part-inhale, but got through ok. I've found these type of session where I ”visualize” where I'm ”putting” my breath to be interesting.
3 Part Breath
I felt more alert and awake after doing this breath work although it was challenging. Thanks for reminding me to keep my jaw and shoulders relaxed 🙏
Great meditation to begin your day with to get the blood pumping to wake you up. In this 3 part breath session, Cassandra has you take in a little air from the bottom of your rib cage...pause, then take in a little more air in the middle of your rib cage...pause, and lastly take in a little more air at the top of your rib cage...pause. Exhale all the way. This is repeated a few times. I feel energized and ready to start my day.
Three Part Breath
If we are feeling sluggish or tired in the morning or in the afternoon, our mood can get to feeling somewhat blah. In this meditation, Cassandra gives us a way to increase our prana, or life force energy by way of utilizing a three part breath. Afterwards, we can feel more awake and energized and thus, enhance our mood. Settling in my chair, I took in a few deep breaths, immediately connecting with my inner being. Following Cassandra’s guidance, I began to focus on this three part breath. After just a few times of doing this three part breath, I could feel myself becoming more awake. A few more times and my body was not only tingling all over, I had an amazing sense of aliveness flow throughout me! Thank you Cassandra! I am filled with gratitude for learning this three part breath and will use it often. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Heath Brougher
This was another new breathing technique for me. I like it. Again, I will look further into using this method.
I find that the breathing exercises help me focus on the now better, because Iam forced to focus on practicing.
When I am focused on the now, my mind is at ease, and after the breathing my body is less tense, and I feel relaxed. I have not felt relaxed in a while.
I felt energized and calmed. My Gough Rs did not intrude. Smiling does make one happy.