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Three Deep Breaths

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Sean J Stevens
Mental Health & Spiritual Ally
Taking three deep breaths is all it takes to move from the sympathetic nervous system, back into the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the system of the brain that activates when we are in a fight, flight, or freeze response. It activates when are in real, or perceived danger. While it is extremely helpful - and even life-saving - when we are in real danger, it can inhibit us from being able to think clearly or creatively when the danger is over, or just perceived. This meditation can teach us the tools we need to restore a state of calm when our sympathetic nervous system is activated unnecessarily.
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2 reflections
I have now calmed my anxious thoughts through this meditation. This is one that I will continue to use to help me get to a state of calmness.
I am liking the meditation so far
I’m really liking the meditation so far because it’s letting me know to stay calm and relax and listen to relaxing music and it’s like listening to yoga instructions and listening to music and just getting to relax and be really calm and I’ve learned so much that if you meditate negative will go away from your mind and positive things will come to mind and I love that it’s doing that and this is also letting me know that things are ok no need to be upset about anything and take everything off my mind and I just love it
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