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Thoughts-Values-Intuitions Meditation

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
A short meditation that is intended to help you to connect up with the wisdom contained in your whole body. We often use phrases such as ‘my mind is telling me one thing, but my heart is telling me something else’, or talk about having ‘gut feelings’. Now neuroscience has shown that neurons exist not only in the brain but also in the heart and gut, naming the latter two as the cardiac brain and the enteric brain. This practice can help you to connect up with the thoughts in your mind, your heartfelt values and your gut intuitions, to create an expanded awareness of the wisdom in your body, whatever situation you find yourself in. Follow this practice a few times and you will soon find that you can quickly guide yourself through it when faced with a rapid decision, or choose to spend more time with it, exploring the wisdom and intelligence of your whole body.
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11 reflections
Centering. 😊
I learned that I don’t have to judge the thoughts that come and go during meditation or any distraction that arises. I learned that what I get out of meditation is related to what I put into it and what I experience during meditation is related to what I bring to it and that I don’t have to place judgements on that. Curious acceptance. 😊
The instructions were clear.
That what my heart and my brain tell me can be contradictory.
Regarding meditation
Amazing mediation an on point with the focus an self relief aspect ❤️ ten thumbs up 👍🏽
Expressing concepts...
I'm having some difficulty actually expressing " gut feelings". I know what thoughts are bouncing about in my mind, I know what my desires are as far as what kind of person I wish to be, but I can't seem to translate intuition into concrete terms. At least I have a goal to strive for!
Walter J
I rather liked his voice inside my head. He allowed me to get more fully in tune with these crazy big intuition hunches I have had for awhile and for some reason I finally feel free to start to act on them! This excites and scares me at the same time. But I am ok with that, because once I get started, I know the nervous & scared Energy will transmute itself into the fuel I will need to propel this movement forward. Once again, Thanks Aura!!
Exploring my values and emotions around my thoughts
I learned that I can get answers two problems by doing this practice. My thoughts are concerns for my health, my values are that I am committed to improving my health. The emotion I encountered was anger. When I asked what I can do about it the answer was more self-care and compassion. I found this to be a very effective technique.
On my commute I learned to simplify my awareness to my intentions and feelings and focus on one thing at a time to decrease the stress I feel about arriving on time when time is lacking.
In this meditation, William explains how we can make decisions in any situation based on our thoughts, values and our intuitions. When we are to make a decision, we first focus on our crown and think of our thoughts about the situation in a non-judgmental way. Then, we focus on our heart center and become aware of our values about the situation. What do we care about? What intentions are we trying to convey in this situation? Finally, we focus on our gut, where our wisdom and intuition are located. Again, we become aware of what our intuition is trying to tell us in a non-judgmental way. We are to not question our wisdom or intuition, but rather put our full trust into it. Since I have always seemed to have trouble making decisions, I will try to remember doing these steps the next time I am presented with making a decision. I realize that I must put my full trust in my inner wisdom or intuition. I will begin to ‘trust my gut!’ Thank you William for this meditation! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Today’s ToDo
This meditation led me to reviewing what more I should be getting done today. Nothing on the calendar, no appointments or events to get to or deal with. Just a pharmacy run later today to pick up refills on medications. Easy-peasy day! Yay!
Really helpful
That I must listen to my heart and find out what is important.
Good meditation for intuitiveness. As a writer, it is a tool helping me to focus on insights which Can be written and shared. ❤️🙏☮️✝️
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