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Thoughts as Traffic

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation guide
This meditation uses a mindfulness technique of observing thoughts as traffic, to help the listener observe thoughts without interference. 
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8 reflections
I have learned anxiety is a frightened mind. I can control my thoughts & disengage from the “What if” game my mind wants to play when I am not in balance. I slow myself with mindfulness instead.
Goodbye thoughts 👋
I learned that my thoughts are separate from who I am. I was completely detached from them as I visualized standing on the side of the road, watching them pass by in the form of a car. It’s was very easy and enjoyable. I was smiling as I waved and said goodbye to my thoughts. 💭 visualization meditation is amazing 😉
I’ve never considered how I can observe my thoughts from both the outside and from within, or at least looked at it closely.
Interesting Concept 🚗 🚙
Although I prefer Cassandra’s meditation about thoughts 💭 as leaves 🍁 on a stream, or Cindy Wolk-Weiss’ session as thoughts 💭 as clouds ⛅️ , this is an interesting approach. Coming from a state whose total population (600,000) is less than many major cities it was a bit more difficult for me to relate to. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Thoughts abound
I noticed that as Cassandra told me to allow my thoughts to zoom on past, rather, I found myself caught up in them! Had a busy day, starting early on very little sleep, as my son and I helped move my brother and his wife out of the long-term rental house being sold out from under them and made several big dump runs to the local landfill. I'm absolutely worn out. Overdid it for sure! I hate having to cope with these disabilities I'm left with!
I liked the analogy in this meditation. I still hopped into too many cars as they passed by and need to focus more on letting them just pass on through. Sometimes I certainly struggle with an over active mind. Might need to repeat this a few times.
Well work on this
The visualization part of this was difficult. Maybe because I’m a bit tired, but I see the point and this is something I will like to work on.
Today is going to be amazing
All of my intentions are being moved into a positive direction. I am productive, creative and motivated to be inspired by I how I feel right now Gratitude