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Thoughts as Traffic

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation uses a mindfulness technique of observing thoughts as traffic, to help the listener observe thoughts without interference. 
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12 reflections
I have learned anxiety is a frightened mind. I can control my thoughts & disengage from the “What if” game my mind wants to play when I am not in balance. I slow myself with mindfulness instead.
Goodbye thoughts 👋
I learned that my thoughts are separate from who I am. I was completely detached from them as I visualized standing on the side of the road, watching them pass by in the form of a car. It’s was very easy and enjoyable. I was smiling as I waved and said goodbye to my thoughts. 💭 visualization meditation is amazing 😉
I’ve never considered how I can observe my thoughts from both the outside and from within, or at least looked at it closely.
Interesting Concept 🚗 🚙
Although I prefer Cassandra’s meditation about thoughts 💭 as leaves 🍁 on a stream, or Cindy Wolk-Weiss’ session as thoughts 💭 as clouds ⛅️ , this is an interesting approach. Coming from a state whose total population (600,000) is less than many major cities it was a bit more difficult for me to relate to. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Thoughts abound
I noticed that as Cassandra told me to allow my thoughts to zoom on past, rather, I found myself caught up in them! Had a busy day, starting early on very little sleep, as my son and I helped move my brother and his wife out of the long-term rental house being sold out from under them and made several big dump runs to the local landfill. I'm absolutely worn out. Overdid it for sure! I hate having to cope with these disabilities I'm left with!
I liked the analogy in this meditation. I still hopped into too many cars as they passed by and need to focus more on letting them just pass on through. Sometimes I certainly struggle with an over active mind. Might need to repeat this a few times.
Well work on this
The visualization part of this was difficult. Maybe because I’m a bit tired, but I see the point and this is something I will like to work on.
Today is going to be amazing
All of my intentions are being moved into a positive direction. I am productive, creative and motivated to be inspired by I how I feel right now Gratitude
Giving space between you and your thoughts
As a ‘certified’ over-thinker, I found Cass’s invitation to use passing traffic as a way to give space between our thoughts and ourselves very helpful and easy to use. After all, we don’t give too much time and energy to the Honda or minivan that just went by, so why do we need to give negative thoughts any more time or energy than those cars? I’ll return to this meditation often. Namaste.
Thoughts and traffic
In the beginning I had obviously jumped into the taxi with one of my thoughts which brought a tear to my eyes. Then I managed to jump out of the taxi. It is calming to be able to separate myself from my thoughts and feelings. I’m definitely an over thinker and give myself anxiety. I need to remind myself to do this when my mind starts running away with me. I really enjoyed this analogy. This is one of the first times when mediating that my mind didn’t run away with me and I was having to think up thoughts that I wanted to watch drive away…
Letting Thoughts Go
The analogy of standing on side of road watching traffic go by allows me to see that I am in control and can choose not to climb into the car and be taken for a ride.
Like leaves in a stream
The analogy of thinking your thoughts but don’t let them ride with you, drop them off at the next curb. Move on