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Thoughts Are Things - Manifestation 101

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
You create your own reality, this is the theme of the Law of Attraction. Where your attention goes your life will flow. It`s time to get your mind right and begin to live a life of love and purpose. Your mind is like a canvas and what you paint on it will soon be your reality. Cheers~
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Thoughts are things
What a powerful sentence,it made me realize how many "things" I could control, so let's start with this, I'm definitely up for it. THANK YOU! ❤️
The law of attraction is really cool. To think that I can manifest through thoughts. And they become my reality! It's super exciting. Thanks, Teena 😁
Manifestation 101
I learned that energy is everything. My thoughts control me and I need to focus more on the positive energy of my life and put it out in the universe. Thank you Teena💜