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Thought Challenging To Reduce Anxiety

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Ally Rose
Hypnotherapist | Therapist | Life Coach
One of the most effective and easy-to-use CBT techniques for managing anxiety is called "thought challenging." During this session, we'll explore what it is and how you can start to use it in your daily life.
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Thought challenging
What a wonderful way to deal with anxious thoughts! Ask questions to discover if it is real or opinion
Thought challenging
I learned to use phrases as is it real? What worst scenario can happpen? Why Iam feeling like this? I will use different perspective to look on my negative thoughts.
CBT negative thoughts
Is it real? Worst case senario? How likely is it to happen? Could there be another way? If it is worscase senario, talk about it with the person.
Just this short intro to thought challenging caused a stir in my emotions. I have felt crippled by anxious thinking. There's hope that I can learn how to manage. I didn't know this was possible♡
CBT thought challenging
I learned that if I can pause long enough to question my irrational thought and question what I’m thinking as being accurate or true.
Thought Challenging
When a negative thought comes and I start to feel anxiety, this technique can be used. When the thought is recognized, the following questions can be asked: what evidence do I have to support this thought? What evidence do I have to not support this thought? What would I say to a friend who comes to me and has this thought? Is the evidence 100% true? What is the worst case scenario? How bad is the worst case scenario? This allows us to step out and think about the situation logically, rather than getting lost with the negative emotions that come with the negative thought.