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Helpful Calm & Guidance During Covid-19

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Guiding wisdom for how best to live your life at this very difficult time; an opportunity to raise your level of consciousness; and to be compassionate and loving towards yourself, and others. Watch the video here: May you all feel comfort and hope. Namaste! xo
From the community
11 reflections
Thank you for this Dorothy! I experienced some feelings of discomfort during this session. Simply because I know that I need to take action and stop living a complacent life. It is a challenge, but I know I am capable of making changes.
A Time To Reflect
We are all being affected in some way or another by the Coronavirus. Indeed, life as we once knew it has changed dramatically and we are being asked to change our ways no matter if we like it or not. During this time, it is very important that we remain informed by reliable sources. But, it is equally important that we take this time to reflect on our habits, choices, thinking, beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve us or the betterment of mankind and let go of these old practices. We are being given this time to do with what we want. We can either take this time to be fearful and angry or we can take this time to reflect and heal emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. If more of us choose the latter, imagine how different our interactions with ourselves and others can and will be! Let’s all take advantage of this time we are currently being given and use it to get us closer to our ideal life by healing and letting go. This is our time to reflect because as with everything else in this world, this too shall pass. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Thank you!
I appreciate your wisdom and calm. These are difficult times for us all and being far from our United States home at this time adds to the anxiety. Meditation and life coaching are buoys to cling to in these troubling waters. I am most thankful for your sharing of beliefs and rational thought. Namaste
Time to Heal
Excellent message from Dorothy! All of us are being affected in one way or another by the coronavirus. It is important to stay informed with reliable news sources. However, it is not healthy to become completely obsessed with it or focus on the negative outcome. This is a time we can use to heal ourselves. Heal those parts of us that have been neglected for so long because we are always too busy. It is a time to carve out that quiet time for us to listen from within. It is also a time where we can step up to show more compassion to others in our community. Set the example of what living a life in the present moment is. To show others we are not living in fear of what may or may not happen because we know our breath is always there to anchor us. We have the ability to come out of this stronger. Healing ourselves and others in our community.
How I have learned
No materwhat I should carve out some quiet time for my self as an individual
Moving forward in the right direction
It’s time to make a change & better yourself. The process of creating the positive life you want begins here within you.
Life goes on
It's time for me to move forward. Husband leaving me has shown me a door to a more fulfilling life. I will be okay...
Moving Forward
It’s easy to feel stuck and unproductive during this time, but I was reminded that I can position myself internally for next steps when the conditions return to make them.
Oh, THIS is a Groovy way.... get on with your day. I just was saying to myself “oh, well, this way of life is bad; you must meditate to get OVER it”. But this is a way to get it all in perspective! Okay, I just have to do the Coffee Meditation now.... Have a Groovy day!
Thank you Dorothy for sharing this lovely meditation with the world.
Carve out quiet time
I just center myself and focus on how this pandemic is strengthening my sense of empathy, compassion and love for myself first.
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