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This Is... You

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This is YOU. YOU - unstoppable, witnessing the beauty and love that is in all things; looking forward, looking back - you give yourself permission to be accountable to now - to enjoy the magic of this moment - each moment - precious, perfect - offering you the realm of choice - free will choice that you use so deliberately - to contemplate and plan - and to live your choices - happily, freely. This is YOU. Your desires and wishes are genuine - real - perfect. As you follow these desires they lead you to even greater happiness, success, and the freedom of knowing that everything is possible - you simply need to choose it and then be willing to make it happen. MUSIC: Hammock - 'Dissonance' Namaste! Dorothy
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Things I'm noticing...
I AM in control of the things my imagination and plans will bring! Excited to be moving forward on some creative projects for an old client this week! Taking control of my life, if I cannot work for someone else, I'll go ahead and start another business of my own and do it for myself! Because I AM LIVING! I survived my stroke! I will reclaim my life and career! I DECIDE TO LIVE!
I felt refreshed after this session
Like I’m ready to start my day and go after what I want. I feel really motivated right now.
First day - April 17, 2018
I felt like I can’t relate or feel anything at all that speaks to my extremely painful, stressful, hopeless, helpless, exhausted, and nearly impossible to get through every minute of every day, right now. I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and the fullest deepest worry and stress that holds hostage my entire mind, body and self. I can’t get away from it and I don’t know what will change for me. I’m hoping that this life coaching will help me in time...eventually....but right now I’m filled with tremendous stress, pain, sadness, helplessness, and I’m always in an extremely very very sad state where impossibility and hopelessness is what has me trapped in my mind body soul and self.
We can do more than we think
We often think that we can’t do something. But if we put our our minds to it we can do anything we want. We can be more then we think we can.
Unfortunately, I was so distracted by the loud background music that I could not appreciate Dorothy’s message. I kept listening to the music instead of focusing on her words. Sorry Dorothy 😞
Small, simple things is my success.
Happiness is my success. Finding treasure in small things that people may find insignificant or maybe “lazy” or a “waste of time”, is the ultimate beauty of life. Being me, for a long time, I had this thought process that I needed to work to receive money, that way I’ll be better & more happier. That led me down a terrible road unfortunately. Anyway, Finding out, life itself, is just a big $100. Maybe I still have it wrong. Maybe I don’t know if this is happiness. But if that’s how I feel right now, happy, then I’m okay with that.
Authentic happiness
Feeling good after a run on the beach- while walking back I had my listen. Super powerful for me to hear these words today. I am taking very small steps to becoming myself and trying to align my authentic happiness and values.
This is...you
I don’t think about myself or my wants often so it’s nice to turn the tables onto me and think about me. Even if it’s 3 minutes! 😁
I learned that it’s ok to fail in life and other things. You just have to get back up. And really almost accepting myself for who I am. Not judging my body.
This is my life
In all it’s infinite joy and heartbreak. It’s all mine. I am blessed! 🙏🤟
Past doesn’t dictate future
I learned that the mistakes of my past and regrets have no place in the present and should not be allowed to dictate my future. 🍻
Shateca McGee
This Is You
I learned that I can become as I want to. My thoughts and my feelings are all me. That as I go through life that what I see, how I behave all come back to me and are my choices. This is me...
What else would make you happy?
Listen to yourself and your desires to live a happier life, giving and receiving love more freely.
Lights, intention, ACTION!
Visualization is an inspiring tool to shape your intentions, which in turn play an effect on your will. And your actions/will are the harvest of you and your life. :)
Do what makes you happy
I learned that if I do what makes me happy I achieve peak performance and feel full of energy to do more!
I've learned that I'm stopping my happiness... And only I have the true power of bringing the happiness out of me... From here on I choose to be happy
June 1 ‘18
I missed my graduation. All my friends graduated without me and it made me feel like I lost an opportunity that I could’ve already achieved. But I know it’s going to be okay. I know I will graduate from BARUCH COLLEGE, ZICKLIN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. I have to stop worrying about everybody else and refocus on ME. I keep doubting myself but now I have time to prepare. I will no longer dwell on the past. I will take every moment I live and indulge in it. I will learn when I need to learn and be present through everything. I love my life. I love myself. I will do this for me💘 my goal is to graduate 🎓 🍾💎
I’m in control of myself. Don’t hold yourself back. But I do. Go after what you want. Practice what you preach to help others. Why is it so hard to do it yourself?
My boyfriend left. He lives in D.C because he is in the army and it is so hard for me because I live in SC. He never gets to come down but he did this week and when he left I felt so bad. Feel like he’s living me and he might not come back. This app is the only thing that calms me down. But I’m still so upset and want to cry all the time
Little time, big impact
I feel like I want to listen to this every day. It is a wonderful reminder of your own value and agency in this one precious life.
This is you ,
Dorothy is fabulous!! Plain and simple she is truly inspirational.
This is me (again)
For good, or for bad, THIS is me. Well, this is who I am today, anyway! I like to think I'm a pretty good guy overall. A bit lazy. A bit ground down. But there's raw talent. A desire to share my creativity with others. A pride in seeing my work all around town and up and down the coast. Like my wife’s father can't go anywhere without running into people he knows (usually people he coached in various sports when they were younger) I cannot move about town without seeing some sign I designed or fabricated and/or installed! Even just the other day, when I attended Toastmasters with an old business networking friend, it was held in the community room of a big beautiful business plaza which I wrote the sign criteria for, and designed and fabricated all the signs for the initial batch of tennants. I even hand-painted the logo I designed onto the entryway monuments, as well as hand-painted the tenant directory backgrounds for several signs there!
Anything can be You. <3
Embrace the endless possibility and infinite choice we are allowed in this blessed life.
Enjoying the moment of just being
Enjoying the moment of just being. Not thinking about all the things to do, but just being in that moment. I actually experienced it.
I felt like its ok to focus on myself and accepting to follow wwhat I like. Just now starting to learn what I want s in life. spent decades on everyone else Feel a little lost and foreign
This is . . . Me
Hi there, Me. Reminding you of infinite potential, infinite possibilities for the path chosen. Such a serene encounter conversing with you and enjoying your company.
Loved this , felt accepted in all areas of my mental consciousness state namaste
Courage and confidence , noticed a lot lighter in my shoulders and my scope to enjoy this wonderful day namaste
This is you
Always be searching for the infinite beauty in each moment. Have your landscape of true happiness
As I celebrate this day, I celebrate myself and my life. Thinking about my last 365 days around the sun, I celebrate all that I’ve learned, I celebrate how much I have grown. Sitting in my backyard, I am present in the here and now. I celebrate this air that feeds my body. I celebrate all of my senses that enhance my experiences. I celebrate this body, for this vehicle allows me to experience my life. I celebrate this mind, for it allows me to think. I celebrate and accept all of me. I celebrate the connection I have with all of life by way of my breath. As I look at my next 365 days around the sun, I see myself continuing to learn and grow. I see myself choosing to see challenges as ‘opportunities’ instead of obstacles. I see myself choosing to celebrate each moment to live, to love, to hope, to imagine, and to be. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
This is you
Let go of the reminders of who you are. Hold onto the best ideas of who you are, imagine the best possible scenario
Is if possible to be shaking right now? This piece has shaken my soul not because of how beautifully powerful it is but because it says everything I have been searching and researching over the past five years. These lyrics speak to who I am and how I try to live my every day here. I’m so filled with gratitude and light right now. Thank you Dorothy for this gift. Kiki
Hello me
Thankyou Dorothy once again for opening my eyes to the gentle reminder of my own possibilities. For the exploring, the focus and the love of finding me once again. Just like the onion layers that get peeled back...there is always another...and so it goes. Namaste Dorothy. Your gift is truly appreciated💝
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