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This Is Who I Am

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Emotional Intelligence
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
How Is Self-Knowledge Empowerment? To Know Yourself Well Will Ensure You Make the Right and Best Choices For Your Life. Knowing yourself is about knowing the intangible, deeper aspects of your personality, and your larger than life ~ goals and ideals. Are you aware of your most personal and intimate thoughts and feelings? Are you willing to admit to yourself what is in need of change so that you can let go of anything that holds you back from easily being even better; happier, and in love with yourself and life. Join me in this life coaching WISDOM for the inspired questions to help you discover even more about who you are...and who you are becoming. Namaste!
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11 reflections
I learned that in order to solve my problems I need to learn who am first. That’s what I’ve been doing wrong all along.
Good question
So who am I? That’s the question, but how do we go about finding the answer?
Do I truly know who I am, completely, have I taken a deep enough look? Perhaps I should take a deeper and longer look so that I might better see who I am becoming. To visualize who I am now will open my eyes to the person I will be in the future.
Self Worth
I learned that no matter what happens throughout each day of your life, to remember at the end of each day that you are you and that no body can be who you are. You control your own thoughts and you control your own life, no one else can do this for you. Know your worth 🌈
I feel like I really want to chase my dreams and define myself as a happy loving person.
School keeps bringing me down and I just want to be happy. How can I do that when people constantly are defining me as someone who I’m not. I’m drowning in an ocean of negativity with no light or hope around me and I’m struggling to see my happiness on the horizon.
Do I really know ”me”?
I feel that I need to learn to be a better person, to know myself better...and to treat myself much better than I do! As I face beginning to work again for clients, I need to learn to do better, especially scheduling myself...deadlines are terribly important in my line of business, and the ability to meet them will determine if I can actually continue down this new path I've set for myself! This is something I’ve always struggled with, from long before my stroke took me away from life and working...and though I didn't desire to work for myself again, or start another business, this is the path life has led me to, and laid in front of me...for my own sanity and my family’s well being, I'm diving back in! Sink or swim, I've got to do SOMETHING! I just hope I'm strong enough to succeed! My wife and kids deserve so much more than I've been able to provide since I had my stroke and became disabled.😪
I am trapped by my own mental power and need to learn to let myslef be and live and love
Who I am
Who am I now? Who am I becoming? These questions will need great thought to answer.
Who am I becoming?
Who am I becoming? I’m not sure yet. I still have half things I need to get through to know who I am. I want to be with better people who make me laugh and are happy. I want to be a better dancer. I want to have good grades. I want to see more places in the world. I want to live a little more and think a little less. I want to appreciate the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that we are gifted with every morning. After I’ve accomplished that, and many more, I’ll know who I’m going to be. Who I’m becoming. All I know, is that I’m going to strive for the best future possible for me.
This is who I am
Who am I. Who am I becoming. 2 outstanding questions to ask yourself, and truly answer with your heart.
Who am I becoming? Who do I want to be?
The perceptions of others have little to no effect on who I actually become unless I believe those perceptions to be true.
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