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This Is ...L O V E

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
When we practice holding love in our being, we do so in part because of the incredible effects that we feel - (e.g. the energy, the beauty, the expansiveness - the joy). In this meditation, experience the energy of divine (unconditional) sacred love felt most powerfully within you - and between you and another. Curate this beautiful experience - and allow yourself to feel it and simultaneously direct it towards another whenever you choose.
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11 reflections
My first love
Was Mom. Reigniting that immense, pure, joyful love I felt as a small child, I feel the healing sensation in my gut, and I realize that loving her is loving me too, that loving someone else is also loving me. The exact opposite of codependence is true love.
Walter J
I believe most people ARE actually following the great commandment given to us by Christ in the New Testament: “Love your neighbor as yourself” The problem is, they may not be loving themselves enough and therefore cannot fully love their neighbor! I believe there is only Love and different degrees of lack of Love. There is no hate, just an extreme lack of Love. Although some people seem to love to hate, they are really just hurting for Love. Hurting people need extra love., some for themselves and some they can share with another. After all, you cannot give what you have not got. Love: Is a many splendid thing..., It makes the world go round..., Is the language of the Universe..., It is what I Love to do I Am Love
Realizing ours has become one-way
That my love is in a place where she can’t feel me, nor can she return my love. Feeling helpless.
Directing love
Love is both in us and through us; part of our being but by its nature directed outward.
Mindful of love
Thinking of the ones you love before you go out on your day brought me peace and joy. The feeling of knowing that you love someone immensely and feeling their love back without them even knowing. It was truly a great experience.
Feeling love and gratitude
As I wake in the morning. I will think of what i am looking forward to in the day ahead. I will savor the feeling. Through the day I will tho k of my doggies. Jessy and Tigger. And I will feel the love that binds the three of us. At night I will think of all the things I am grateful for that happened through the day.
Feeling Love brings joy to the heart. It’s a peaceful happiness enduring sensation.
Beautiful 🥰
When we practice holding love into our being, we are able to curate a beautiful experience of feelings of joy, love, and gratitude from within. When we show love towards other we are able to see their beauty from within. As I focus on my breath visualizing one person I feel unconditional love for my husband came to mind. Thoughts of when our relationship first began to where it is today, I feel my heart expanding with love and gratitude. I feel joy. I focus on sending these beautiful feelings upstairs to him. 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 Beautiful meditation to start my day with. I will take this incredible feeling of loving kindness from within into my day to share with others I come in contact with. May your day be filled with love and happiness.💕😊
jess 🧡
visualising the one i love was really therapeutic, and it did make me feel as if i was surrounded by love. the only thing was the long pauses in this meditation made me think it had ended early haha :))
Love is an empowering vibration
When I focused on the feeling of love, I noticed that I felt strong and empowered, not weak and needy.
I felt full and strong and brimming with feeling when I sat with love.
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