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This Is... Happiness (With Music)

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
This meditation is to help remind you of your natural state of: happiness, calm, contentment, and inner peace. Experience how to return to your natural state using mindful (conscious) breathing, and the energy of your heart center to connect with your spiritual (divine) nature. Use this meditation often to return to your natural state of happiness - easily. Namaste! xo Dorothy Music Credit: "Final Wave" from the Album 'Ashaneen' by Piotr Janeczek (such beautiful music!! Thank you Piotr!!)
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8 reflections
Being love ❤️ this is happiness
I think this was a nice meditation! I I think she was good and more should Be kind and happy
By focusing on my breath I can experience my natural state which is happiness.
This is/was happiness for me.
I absolutely love any happiness meditation. This one is great for reminding me to focus on my happiness. Life is 100% better when I am happy.
I learned that I’ve been living in the past too much and this reminded me to just let it all go
What Are You Thinking?
Our breath reminds us that the Now is always accessible to us. Connecting to it, we find ourselves just being. Just being, we find ourselves content. This meditation reminds us that happiness is not something we chase, but rather something we return to again and again. Furthermore, it reminds us that we can use our breath to welcome wanted feelings into our being and let go of anything that no longer serves us. Connecting with my breath, I found myself just being in the moment. Bringing my awareness to my heart while continuing to focus on my breath, I felt my heartbeat bathed in warmth. Attaching words to my inhale, I felt them grow in my heart while I was still at the top of my inhale. On my exhale, I invited anything that was keeping me from my natural state of happiness to leave. After doing this technique of using my breath in this way, I found myself entering a blissful state. Indeed, I chose to feel this way and I am happy now. Because we have been given free will and choice, we have the opportunity to change how we want to feel in any given moment. Knowing that it is our thoughts that get us out of our happy state, we must become aware of what we are thinking. Knowing this, we get to choose which thoughts to entertain and which ones to let go of. Ask yourself...what are you thinking? Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Happiness for me is found in calm delight, engagement w/ beauty and meaningful action. It is quiet. It is blue sky. It is ocean still.
I learned that I can’t take happiness for granted. I and only I decide wether I want to be happy or not! And I am.
The simple things.
I learned that happiness can be derived from very little. After my session I looked around the room and said aloud, "I love our little life." And I meant it.
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