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This Is a Self-Love Movement

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this episode, I've been inspired to share what I am naming "The Self-Love Movement" because we all need to experience the nourishment of self-love; we need to understand what self-love really means, and we need to live it - as one impactful solution for growing our confidence and self-worth, and for being willing to live self-sustainably and of our ‘truth’; and for enjoying far more present moments lived because this is how we experience innate happiness. If you would like my personal guidance and help on your journey of self-love, please reach out to me!
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Inner Work
When we do a lot of inner work and focus on ourselves, we can experience happiness more. If we start each day being grateful and feeling happy. Accept what has happened as we all face a lot of the same life challenges. Inner work can set us free. External forces we cannot change yet they have so much control over us, learning to let go and focus on what you can control, yourself. Love yourself. Being loved is also a choice.
Self love is a choice
And giving has so much benefit. Accepting what’s happened and moving forward
Self Love 💕
Happiness is acknowledging who you are. And, living and loving the being that you are. Everything else contributes to our feelings of happiness in the present moment. Everyday, when we wake up we have the power to make the conscious decision to be happy. When we take the time to heal ourselves by doing the work from within, our consciousness rises. We show up to life in a state of love. This state fully supports feeling innate happiness. We are able to make better life choices in this state because we are showing up to the present moment with an open heart. Self love is a life skill.
Self Love & Belief
I learned that self love and being in the moment attracts love and peace of mind. Confidence that all IS well.
Self love
That this by choice and I give myself to this choice . Also to let go of that which holds me back.
This is a self-love movement
Life is made up of choices. I can choose love, or I can choose fear. I choose love, because love is the answer to everything. If I choose to give love to everyone and everything, then I must also choose to give myself love. We are all on our own divine path, and we all make our own choices. My path is mine alone. It is not for others, just as their path is not for me. I can be tolerant and respectful of others. I can send love and light to others. And by doing that, I honor my authentic self. By making that choice, I choose love for them and for myself. I choose love. Thank you.
I have to choose to love myself and if I don’t no one else will
I learned that everyone has a choice to love themselves and be loved based on their own well-being.
Self love
I feel as though I need to love myself more! I deserve it more than I realized.
I learned I must love me and take care of me so I can speak my truth and love others
This is Self Love
I am going to listen to this every morning. I’m learning that my morning anxiety, right upon awakening, is an element of my past comfort zone that I am walking out of. The moment that I get out of bed and take the kids potty, I begin to feel refreshed and calm. My first sips of coffee are now savored and I love the tranquility I am beginning to feel starting my day in this manner.
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