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Third Eye Meditation

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation uses focusing attention to explore the third eye area. This is a way to access an innate sense of wisdom and ability to see things clearly, as they are.
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Third Eye Meditation
This is the most difficult meditation I’ve done but one of the more interesting ones. My eyes like to flit about. This is one I will keep practicing. Let’s see where it leads.
Mentally interesting, but physically uncomfortable
I think this one gives me a headache and it makes the area above my nose, between my eyes, as well as the eyes themselves, hurt. It also seemed like it ends in the middle, before she answers the final question that she asks. It does leave me curious, though, but I think I'm too afraid of the negative physical sensations to want to go through this one again.
Third eye (eyes floating)
I felt that it was hard at the start to be able to push away the mind chatter but towards the end i felt it was easier to bring my attention back to the present moment 😌
Walter J
I got cut off on the 3 min version while trying to get my eyes floating and focusing on the area behind them , in the center of my head. Will have to listen to the 7 min version to see if it completes the session...
Third Eye
Focusing on the Third Eye always brings peace for me. it helps me leave the chatter of my mind behind.
Wonderful, brain center and floating eyes! I added right eye_left eye separation! Cassandra, vision sorcerer!
I’m not sure if it was because I’d just finished doing some yoga, but as I began focussing the centre of my head I started to feel completely at ease, excited and almost static all at once. A very different experience from all of my previous meditations.
Walter J
Focusing on my eyeballs, I could feel them floating in their sockets. Very relaxing! Then I got behind them and the whole world opened up in crystal clear technicolor. Like when you first step outside on a beautiful morning on vacation & the whole world is available to you and you have time to do it all... !! You float thru the day , feeling surreally lucky. Not in a rush, but enjoying the time at hand fully. It made me feel something like that! 👍🏼🌞🍀
Very relaxing
One of the most relaxing meditations I’ve encountered here. I believe that with some practice you’ll actually dimension the space behind you’re eyes. Pretty interesting and worthy of continue practicing. Regards, Benkis
Activating my Mind
Closing my eyes, they relaxed in their sockets. This allowed the skin around my eyes as well as my forehead to be smooth. Feeling my face relax from any tension I was holding, I envisioned my eye sockets fill with water. Feeling my eyes floating in this substance, they were free to just be. Bringing my awareness behind my floating eyes to the middle of my head, I felt the expansiveness of this space. Every once in a while, I witnessed my awareness going from the middle of my head to the front of my head. When this occurred, I started over, envisioning my eyes floating in their sockets and bringing my awareness back to the middle of my head. Once my awareness was back to the middle of my head, tingling sensations arose around my mind. Feeling my mind activated, I began to repeat the mantra, So Hum. Hearing my voice repeat this mantra, I became somewhat surprised as this mantra wasn’t part of the meditation. After repeating So Hum for a minute or so, the top of my head opened up to receive wisdom from my higher power. Receiving this wisdom in the form of a beautiful white light, my body, mind and spirit became aligned. Because this meditation abruptly ended, I sat for a few moments to sense this electrifying energy swirling around inside. Activating my mind in this fashion, I sense the universe within me just as the universe senses me within it. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Third eye meditation
Interesting- my eyes feel heavy and I feel tired now. I saw a ball of fire when I focused in my head, did anyone else? I have had chemotherapy today so enjoyed just chilling xx
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