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Think About Your Thinking: a 2020 Reflection

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Dr. Alexis Moreno
Psychologist, Dating & Relationship Expert
Reflect on your 2020 thoughts so you can head into 2021 with a healthier perspective.
From the community
10 reflections
CBT categories
Black/white - 3 Chatasteophe - 2 Disqualify positive -2 Discount - 2 Labeling - 0 Mag/Min - 4 situational Mental Filter - 1 Mind read - 3 Over gen - 2 Personalize - 0 Should - 3 but situational people “people should behave kindly, ethically and respectfully” Tunnel-0 life too busy to tunnel
Christina Johnson
All bad- partners behavior 5
All bad- work 5 Catastrophizing- 5 negative Discounting positive -5 I grew up with a negative household Emotional reasoning- I have to take meds to release anxiety 5 I’ll never be happy I don’t deserve a good man Labeling-5 I’m always anxious I’ll never get better I need meds I’m stupid I’m depressed. Magnification- 5 making everyone around me seem negative and minimizing the bad things done to me Mental filter- 5 anxiety always - no one loves me. I deserve to be mistreated People always mistreat me Mind reading- no one loves or respects me instead ignoring those who do an d letting those who are truly bad hurt me Over generalization- Ryan was the best I’ve had. He told me he deserves better, mistreated me and said I was not a good person I believed him over and over 5 Personalization- 5 Ryan blamed me for his drinking and anxiety Should& must- DONT should on yourself… don’t judge yourself! Stop judging how others treat you it doesn’t define you. 5 Tunnel vision- negative always 5 I’ll never be ok, I’ll never be happy I’ll never stop being anxious. Instead- all is well. I am worth it. I didn’t make anyone hate me, they have their own trauma wounds that they took out on me. I am not alone. I deserve better. I didn’t create their addictions or anxiety. I do my best. My job is not that awful. I get paid well, I can handle it. Take it day by day, stop projecting. Love your job again. End the negativity. Enjoy your kids, dogs, family that loves you.
(Emotional Reasoning)
I struggled to get to the end of this session even though my numbers were all low. Emotionally, the voice of this therapist was uncomfortable. The level of her voice was up and down, louder chuckles to softer thinking, more like someone having a conversation in a zoom meeting. I think because it was difficult for me to follow, emotionally l took this session negatively.
Rating Thinking Errors
All good/bad - 3 Fortune-telling - 5 Disqualifying Positive - 5 Emotional Reasoning - 3 Labeling (self) - 4 Magnification/Minimization - 4 Mental Filter - 4 Mind-reading - 5 Over-generalization - 4 Personalization - 5 Should/Must - 4 Tunnel Vision - 4
1 not at all 5 always
All or nothing 4 Catastrophvising 1 Disqualifying the positives 2 Emotional reasoning 2 Labelling 3 Magnification of negatives and minimisation of positives 3 Mental filter focussed on a negative detail 4 Mind reading 3 Overgeneralisation 2 Personalisation 3.5 Should of on ya self 4 Tunnel vision 1
Thinking errors
Wow that was very enlightening!! I kind of knew all these but never considered putting them all in the same room in my head to see the full picture of how I was sabotaging my own self with all these different thoughts. Need to be more mindful about my mindfulness. I think these are some of the best tools, the keys to changing which room in your head you live. You have given me a lot to think about and help to change the negative “go to” thought process and unlock the door to a nicer room in my head to be in. Stop and think of what you are thinking is simply brilliant. Highly recommend listening to this one if you sabotage yourself with your thinking and give up before you start. Thank you 😊 Sammy 🖤💜 Namaste
Erin Lynn
All or nothing thinking: 2 categories all good or all bad
5 Catastrophizing or fortune telling 5 Disqualifying or discounting the positive: 5 Emotional reasoning: think something must be true because of the way you feel 5 Labeling: putting a fix global label on themselves and others without evidence 5 Magnification and minimization: evulatujg yourself and magnify all the negatives and minimize the positives: 5 Mental filter: thinking that you are paying a lot of attention to one negative detail instead of the whole picture 5 Mind reading: believe you know what others are thinking 5 Over generalization: come to a negative conclusion far beyond the situation 5 Personalization: believe others are behaving negatively b/c of you 5 Should and must statements 5 Tunnel vision negative aspects of the situation 5 Think about your thinking. Are my thoughts about the situation actually factual
Thinking errors
* all or nothing mentally * predict things negatively * down play positive things I have. * labeling fixed
Think about your thinking
I learned that of the 12 thinking errors discussed, 8 of them are at a 4 or 5. I knew this beginning this exercise. It just confirmed how much I need to correct these negative processes.
Thinking errors
You could do negative or positive thinking errors. The latter when you’re stuck on a narrative. Eg remembering perfect dates