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There Will Always Be Something

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The greatest moments are those in which you can be present as you are doing whatever you love; as you are in the presence of this - and attentive to how it feels to be so privileged, so blessed - that you are nowhere but right here - in this moment; in the enjoyment of this moment - in the experience of what you love most - of what is so blissful. It is these moments that you are fully present in - that serve you; that excite you; that inspire you with beautiful wisdom and glory that you hold as moments of greatness; of pleasure, of joy - moments that remind you of your ability to be present with all that is - as it is. MUSIC: Relax Daily 'light ambient music'
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There will always be
Brilliantly spoken wisdom. I catch myself so many times daily realizing I am distracted or not present. This coaching session is one of the wisest I have listened to yet on Aura. Thank you.
There Will Always Be Something
Life is not just about doing... it is about being. But most importantly, it is about being present in the moment
Being present
I often forget what is most important in life. This life coaching session is a reminder to me how just being present, what is now, nourishes me and gives me joy. At this moment while I was listening to it, I looked at my present and there are my children, sleeping soundly. This is my present, my now.
The Something
There will always be something that needs to be done, i.e., cleaning, repairs and other chores.There will always be something that will direct our attention away from what we initially set out to do. John Lennon said it best when he said, “Life happens while we are busy making other plans.” This quote implies that we miss out on our life because we are stuck in our head. Unfortunately, there are too many of us that do just that. In fact, I used to be one of them. They wake up one day and wonder where the last five years went, let alone where the last five minutes went. Because there will always be something, the secret is to become aware of the blissful moments in our life. It is in these blissful moments where we find our inner being and it is in our being where we find joy. When we must be doing something, the secret is in the here and now. When we are present with the task at hand, we open the door to allow consciousness to flow through us. When we allow consciousness to flow through us, we gain a sense of aliveness, an alertness that we didn’t have before. Thus, we do a better job at whatever we are doing. When we begin to hear chatter in our mind, Dorothy says to bring our attention back to our breath. Because our breath is always in the Now, it takes only a few deep conscious breaths to get us back to the present moment. Doing in the Now, being present no matter what, is the something that we must begin to do at once. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Finding Blissful Moments
Life will always be full of distractions. My mind lately has been caught up in what I am not able to accomplish because my days are busier with my husband working from home. Lately, I have been feeling frustrated which I know I need to switch my focus back to gratitude. Dorothy’s wisdom was just what I needed to hear to help change my perspective on my current situation. We have a choice to chose what we consciously think about. When we realize our minds are getting distracted or feeling stressed, we can take a couple of deep breaths to find stillness within. To reconnect with ourselves and with our heart. This is how we find moments of bliss when life is full of distractions. Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in my backyard with one of my dogs in my lap, eyes closed with my head towards the sky, feeling the warm sunshine on my face, along with just focusing on my breath. This was a blissful moment. Thank you Cherish for your excellent reflection which lead me to this session! It was the perfect reminder to help change my focus to what is more important. Today, I will make a conscious effort to focus on my breath to find those blissful moment throughout the day. Namaste.🙏
Walter J
Nothing but existing... one Bliss-full moment to another... Breathing in the Now, breathing out the past... Breathing in the Now, breathing toward the future... Breathing in the Now... Existing in the Now... Accurately aligned, Blamelessly balanced, Perfectly poised, Wonderfully wise, Ecstatically existing...
Being fully present
Enjoying moments with full presence and an open heart, joy, love, bliss. Notice when I am fully present and what that feels like physically and emotionally. A lot of the moments I can think of involve other people or dancing, also aura ❤️ and cooking. There are some moments where I am almost there and I want to tip the scale and go from being mostly present to fully present—brushing my teeth, washing my face, laying on the hammock. I am excited and blissful thinking about it, and I also understand it is a huge privilege and something I wish for others, as well.
Never Ends
I learned that my focus in life has shifted drastically in the last few months. I always have “something” I have to do. I spend many nights awake late attempting to complete what I think is important. By the time I lay my head down, it’s almost dawn. Why? Why have I let myself get caught up in everyday life stressors. I used to be different... my mind says keep going... although my heart now says ... STOP. Stop to live in the moment ... stop to listen to my youngest daughter’s story from school... stop to listen to my husband’s day at work... stop and have patience with my oldest daughter’s homework... stop to just look around and be grateful for the voices that are talking to me day in and day out. STOP... I DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. EVERYTHING ELSE CAN WAIT. Thank you for this beautiful message. 💗
There will always be something
Thank you for this reminder to stay present, Dorothy. I am often drawn of task be other "to-dos". I will keep turning back to the here and now
Avoid distraction
To remind myself to be present in the moment and to understand there will always be something. Tune out distractions.
Slowing down
I noticed whilst listening that I have tendency to live life at a thousand miles an hour, life becomes a ‘blur’. The insight I gained was I need to slow down and be present, to experience life more fully.
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