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The Wise Snail

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a story about kindness; and understanding that how we treat ourselves is how we treat others.
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Wise Snail
The way this one began, I thought I’d be listening to another story where I’d feel sad about one of the creatures at the end. Instead, I was happy for both of them! It seems quite seldom ewe come across someone who’s happy with their life just as It is. Or, perhaps I’m hanging out with the wrong people. Maybe I just need to be a snail instead of a sauerkraut!
Great story!
Too many live their lives attempting to bring others down instead of lifting them up. I like to think that I'm typically the opposite, though my wife often tells me I'm very much a pessimist. No matter the situation(s) you find yourself facing, there's never a reason to drag others down. Life is a gift, and I've had to learn that well these last few years. I'm blessed to still be here, and to be able to be here for others. I'll not be a sourkraut! (and I do not like sourkraut anyway!🤣)
The Wise Snail 🐌
I loved this story. It’s such a great reminder of the importance of being kind and considerate, instead of being a “sour-kraut”! I have never heard this term before so I don’t know if it’s spelled like this or like what you eat: sauerkraut? However it is spelled, I want to be sure that I am not sour-kraits!
Walter J
Such a great little story with several big lessons! Beyond slow & steady wins in the end & Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... What looks silly to others may not be to you! Be content wherever you are... but know where you are going! Be happy while working your way there, while paying attention to the details & knowing everything is working in your favor. Learn to trust in the rhythm of nature & adjust my schedule to it! It is easier to see the best in others... after you already see the best in you! Some people may be “sour-krauts” but... by being nice may inspire them to change. While I never considered myself a snail before... I do now. This was/is a very inspiring story to me personally as my slow start (11 years so far) to getting my own business off the ground, due to working full time jobs, has dampened my spirit from time to time. I just need to keep seeing the Cherries that will be there at the top after I finish climbing this tall tree! I keep enjoying the better view that comes from getting higher though! ❤️🐌🍀
A sauerkraut is a person that continually puts someone else down because they are unhappy with their life. Yet, they won’t do anything to change their circumstances. The moral of this cute story is don’t be a sauerkraut.
Don’t be a sauerkraut!
This is so true. Alot of people are so miserable in life that they have the need to make others feel miserable as well to make themselves feel better. Sad. Always be kind!
I learned so many insights from this story. So many significant insights. But the one that warmed my heart is the friendship that blossomed eventually, like the cherry, at the end. The snail was patient and wise. The sparrow humble…and then gained wisdom. It took both of them and a shared experience, unkind at first, to cultivate a friendship. Such things do happen. Eventually.
Kindness makes a creature beautiful. I know that the snail is beautiful without knowing how it looks
Wow, so many things here! I will chose this one to reflect on, change takes time and allows you to form so don't listen to the nay sayer
One of the best
This is one of the best stories because it is so true. And when you step into awareness, you realize when other people are doing it to you. Plus, I love this instructor’s voice and delivery. Thank you for your stories.
The wise snail
Wow!!! So many wonderful things in this that I loved. From the snail’s “Everything I’ve done makes up a part of me”, to the snail realizing the unkindness of the sparrow was because of her, not him. I loved that the snail was content in himself! I feel that our society pushes us to be in “competition” with others, instead of focusing on us simply being a better version of ourselves. Thanks for sharing this, and I’ll remember that phrase, “Don’t be a sauerkraut”🙏🏽🩵
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