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The Wide Awakening

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Tom Evans
Storyteller, composer, guide
The state between being asleep and being awake is known as hypnopompia. Give yourself a treat and luxuriate in it a little longer in the morning; your day will go all the better for it and you might even have a light bulb moment to change your world.
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3 reflections
The Wide Awakening
This was amazing! It was nice to drift along with the music. I can't wait to come back and do a longer version
Marques Pizarro
Like the soundscape, the mind became still. The feeling of being awake, of being present felt wonderful. And when I did observe thoughts, they were peaceful and beautiful. I’m grateful for this session.
I want to play a new tape in my head. Not the tape of the victim or a past story but something new. There is more depth inside my soul and I want to connect to that part of me. During the meditation I felt my left tricep spasm then my sinuses opened up and I could breath deeper. A one point I felt goosebumps and the hair on my arms stand. I feel ready, open, and accepting. That may have been my first visit from my ancestors I was able to tap into. What do you think?