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The Two Reasons Why You Must Always Be Honest & Truthful

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this episode of Life Coaching Wisdom, I share the two most important reasons why you need to always tell the truth - and especially when it is not easy to do so.  I also offer strategies and 'scripts' that you can use to make your job of being wholly honest and truthful - much easier!   Honesty and truthfulness are not the same thing.  Being honest means that you do not tell lies.  Being truthful means actively making known all of the full truth of a matter.  When you are truthful, you are honestly expressing how you perceive or feel about something. Being both honest and truthful allows you to have meaningful and authentic relationships - with yourself, and others. I hope that this recording will inspire you to practice honesty and truthfulness in all ways in your life. Namaste!! xo
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Wow, truth hurts.
This app knows me better than I know myself. I’ve been in an, overall, unhappy relationship with my son’s father for 4+ years now. Recently, I’ve been working on becoming more independent and have stumbled upon a group of people who remind me of my worth and make me happy. Lately, I’ve been sugarcoating things with him, but this was a reminder that, even though I don’t want anyone to get hurt, I need to be honest so that I can do what’s best for both myself and my child
Trying to protect
I find my self avoiding lots of situations. I don’t like confrontation and try to protect. It’s not really not being honest it’s more like avoiding tough topics
I feel scared.
Sometimes I’m scared that if I keep being my authentic self I will be rejected. I truly do live my life by truth and honesty. Yes; that does cause a lot of tension which really scares me that I may be “too honest” & cause the break in my relationship.
True ..but even if we are being honest how do we know the opp ppl are honest with us...nowdays ppl chose to hide their true self... I alwats put myself the way I am and am honest and true in what I feel and say.
What if he’s not honest?
🤷🏽‍♀️ That honesty plays a huge role in a relationship. I’m honest, I’m an honest person in general but what if he’s the one who’s not honest?
I Learnt That The Truth Always Sets You Free.Even If It Hurts And Is Bitter. Its Beautiful
I learned that
Telling the truth and being honest is always the best thing to do.
truth hurts that's why sometimes I kepp what's on my mind. I want to feel important and accepted
Honesty and truthfulness
Many times I find that being honest and truthful make me feel too vulnerable. I tend to push away rather than reveal my true feelings. That protector in me says “I don’t need you.” “I am fine without you.” “You can’t hurt me.” I know this is sabotaging. Sometimes I can’t help but just push away.
Walter J
I dislike lies more than anything! I am terrible at telling them. Either I forgot what the lie was & easily be caught in it or I would feel so guilty I would just blurt out the truth to be done with it. Either way I gave up lying at an early age. I think my parents had a lot to do with it when I was young. My mom would say trust is like a crystal bridge, once it is broken it does not easily get repaired. I say “Lie to me once, how can I ever believe Anything you say?!” For a long time my goal has been to be totally transparent with anyone & everyone. Do not ask me if your butt looks ok in those pants unless you want the truth!! Now that does not mean I ever have the right to be nasty about being truthful. It is a matter of tact & disclosure. Having a large vocabulary to pick just the right word for the occasion is very helpful. That is something I truly enjoy doing, having a positive word or phrase for anyone & everyone. But never if it is not true & sincere. When I compliment you I need it to be authentically so. There is a saying that goes something like “Seek the truth & the truth will set you set free” but I believe it really should be: “Speak the truth & the truth will set you free” Free from a guilty conscious & free from trying to remember what your lie was so you do not get caught in it. Truth is Law in my book. Seek to know the Laws & you will find the truth! Then it is easier to be truth-full!! It make it so much easier to be transparent when you have no shading of lies within you to darken your Life Light. After all, if you do not speak the truth, then whatever you say is a lie!! No matter the size or the intention. ❤️⚖️🍀
What I learned today)
Luv mean alot when it come from one person but 2 then that's luv if someone can't luv you from deep down in they heart then ain't no luv there none but pain if all they won't from you is sex ! Sex is a medicine it create pattern ( thanks so much for sharing this with us woman & men's 🥰
Honesty in a Complex Relationship
Thank you for making me more aware of the need for authenticity and honesty in my relationship. My situation is complex, my partner is deeply sensitive - if I am honest, he is deeply hurt. He would prefer I speak only the positive. In one way, it encourages me to search for positivity in all things. But the downfall is that I lose authenticity. It’s hard to reconcile and he is reluctant to seek help regarding the deeper issues that perhaps make him so sensitive to even the lightest criticism.
Thank you its so easyto forget honesty also means being the real authentic you...
What I’ve leArned
Be authentic with yourself so that u can be free to be who u truly are...... honestly and truthfulness is what I crave
This is vital to everything. There is dignity and deep respect in being honest and truthful. It says “I am here with you in my totality and I know you are capable of being here in the same way”. Beauty and strength come from gentle consistent truthfulness and honesty. I have found as I have acquired years these two qualities hold me up and help me to be stronger in my heart each day.
I chose the longer version of this because I have been finding my concentration is off lately and if it’s less than five mins it’s finished before I can concentrate no matter how interesting. This did help but I still had to listen twice, an interesting track once I did concentrate though, this is more about my problems with concentration than the track itself
So good it’s scarey
I’m dealing with CPTSD. i need to hear how to be authentic in my world. Even when it is hard to hear.
Being truthful and honest has cost me a promotion at work
I learned that being honest and truthful doesn’t always help you in a job interview. I was judged according to my truthful answer, so despite my credentials and qualifications that are greater than my fellow interviewees, I was turned down. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I will still continue to be honest and truthful in any aspect of my life, for that’s how I can live with myself.
I am getting better at this. For too long I sought my self-worth from others opinions of me and as a result I said what people wanted to hear instead of how I felt. I am working on this and it’s getting better. Progress…daily.
Truth and honesty
I’ve always did my best to be truthful and honest. Not so good when I didn’t want someone to feel hurt. I care toooo much and feel for others. I’m an empathetic person I feel others pain. So when they hurt I hurt.
My relationship ended because I wasn’t honest. He says omission is a lie. My omission was because I didn’t feel it mattered. Still, our relationship ended. All his doing. I didn’t feel I was lying. It’s been 1 1/2 years now since we broke up. He has moved on. I cannot.
I really appreciated the touch point on authenticity at the end. That I feel is the greatest goal of truth and honesty. While I do find it’s hard to live a completely truthful life while being incredibly empathetic and not wanting to do any harm to others emotional well being and then again just be able to be around people in general. It’s been cyclic.
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