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The Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sleep

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Sometimes our path to sleep can best be aided by a reflection of the day lived. In this sleep journey; I guide you into restful sleep as you are first asked to ponder two questions. I've included this recording for you here in Life Coaching WISDOM; as these two questions are best reflected upon at the end of each day; and "Yes", they will definitely help you ease into sleep. Namaste!
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3 reflections
This is titled as something to do before sleep but helped me during the day. Great for focus and presence.
No just for sleep
This can be done during the day and will help focus on the positive and relook at things that are stressful or perceived as negative.
I felt most present and accomplished when I was in the garden today, when I got to eat fresh picked strawberries and some store bought blueberries. I also had a couple of hours of quality study time
I’m not as aware and present when I use the vaporizer. If I let other people dictate how my day will go, I will go nowhere.
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