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The Truth Sets You Free

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
"Truth will lead you out of darkness because it is in illuminating ‘what is' that you then may in the very next moment, find your path again and into the light." - Dorothy Ratusny This episode picks up where we left last in our discussion of the five Yamas. 'Yamas' are moral disciplines that are recorded in the ancient philosophical texts of the Yoga Sutras and here I dive into some ‘Q and A’ on the topic of truth. Truthfulness or ‘Satya’ is the second Yama or limb of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and this moral vow holds many secrets for how we can free ourselves from our suffering. There are many ways that truth finds you. As much as some may avoid truth’s yearnings you can never avoid or deny its huge revelations. Please join me!
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I felt hopeful
I learned to trust my heart wisdom. I’ve been so consumed with grief. Emotional abuse from a narcisist I’m trying to find the truth about and I can’t. But my heart wisdom can.
I felt stronger in myself
I learned that I have my intuition is of utmost importance and I believe that my intuition has always been strong and correct. I have been told otherwise for a very long time and I have lost the ability to trust my intuition. I am trying to regain the confidence that I once had. I need to openly express what I’m feeling in my gut and follow it in all things. I am knowledgeable.
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