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The Truth In Your Heart

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Experience with me, the truth in your heart, and the means by which you can discern between the thoughts of your mind and the true wisdom of what you know in your heart center. Practice how to receive your inner wisdom - "your truth" so that you can make all of the 'right' and 'best' decisions for your life. This is such a powerful meditation for inducing the knowledge of our intuitive knowing - our highest self. Namaste everyone! Dorothy
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The truth in your heart
This meditation is awesome! It reinforces the fact that, as I see it, the heart and soul of a truly loving and loved person emanates from that space within our chest. I can get a sense of actually feeling that heart space expand. Dorothy's voice is so calm and trusting and she makes it easy to follow her lead. Love the violin in the background. I'll definitely save and listen to this meditation again. ❤️
I find that I sometimes don't believe my gut feelings. I should, but I question. It can lead to pain, and has. It did so again just the other day. I had some misgivings about a new Favebook friend I had made in the last year, but agreed to attend a concert he was supposedly performing at, only to find out he hadn't ever even been in my area! I questioned this person’s truth, but allowed myself to trust when he told me he was performing here near my home. It has happened before...will again I'm sure.
Question answered
This meditation gave me the answer to something I’ve been puzzled over for some time. The answer, which was both simple and profound, came to me effortlessly. I feel really at peace and full of purpose right now.
Instead of looking to outside forces to help guide us along our path, we can learn to receive those answers we seek by going within and trusting what our inner wisdom tells us. When we know something to be true, we usually feel it in our heart and/or gut anyways. It is the trusting that needs to be explored and followed where we fall short sometimes. In this meditation, Dorothy has use a breathing technique that opens us up to receiving the answers we seek. I’ve second guessed myself way too many times throughout my life. Even when my body has given me signals that the answer(s) are already ‘known’, I have second guessed myself. Second guessing myself, I have been extremely indecisive. As a result, indecisiveness has caused a lot of senseless suffering in my life. It is high time I begin to trust what my inner wisdom already ‘knows’ to be true instead of looking to outside forces to help guide me. I learned while it doesn’t hurt to look to others for advice here and there, I don’t need them to make my decisions for me either. Trusting my own inner wisdom is paramount to me receiving the ‘right’ and ‘best’ choices pertaining to me. Thank you Dorothy for this profound experience! I will use this breathing technique often to find the answers I seek! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Relaxing and Refreshing
Before this meditation, I felt confused and mentally drained. I wanted a break. This meditation was that break. Although it was fairly short, it was peaceful and relaxing. A quick cup of tea. Looking to my heart drained me emotionally, but I opened my eyes refreshed and awake.
Clarity finally in a mind of confusion
I never know what is true for myself. What I really believe. What is true or real. I’m always confused by my inner deception of myself. This practice has stilled my mind and cleared up for me, finally how to know my inner truth. I have a new tool of inner knowing now. Thank you.
Listen to your heart and trust
I learned to listen to my heart and the truth transcended to the physical in ways that were surprising and wonderful Gratitude
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