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The Train Metaphor For Quiet Mind

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Healthy Mind Series: Taking Control of Your Thoughts. Part 5/6 The Train Metaphor will help you to understand how are you can influence your thoughts and find more peace and freedom from overthinking.
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5 reflections
Healthy mind
This series has been enlightening for me. The life skills regarding my mindset and how thoughts come to be. How the subconscious mind can be in protective mode. Which may not be the best for us. The train metaphor and other examples you have used helped it all sink in. Such as when you're in a love relationship. It floods our thoughts. I just LOVE your way of teaching. Your voice. Your knowledge. It all gels together and I'm learning and growing because of you. I appreciate you.
Train metaphor
We should deal with bad or good thoughts, we should check them and the bad ones let go. We can practise to choose good thought and feeling!
Negative thoughts
I learned that it’s ok to have negative thoughts...It’s what I do with them that matters. Should I get on this negative “train” ?
I learned that thoughts will come
Good or bad. Like a train, the trick resides in consciously paying more attention to the good ones.
Great metaphor
This was a really helpful technique for me. I will use this!