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The Three Secrets of Manifesting

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
How do you take an idea, a thought, something that you desire deeply, and turn it into a reality in the physical world?"  How do you do this repeatedly and for all of what really matters to you?  We're talking about manifesting; bringing a thought, an idea, a desire - into physical form. You are already manifesting in all moments, often without realizing that you are doing this.  What I want to help you become better at is how to bring into your life what is most wanted, desired, and needed; what is most important to you, what you dream about, and what you have always wanted.  This is what makes manifesting powerful and deliberate and it allows you to play much more in your life because of what you are consciously seeking and in your ability to materialize your deepest desires.  Join me for this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM and the three secrets of manifesting + the helpful tips that will make it even easier for you to do this!! Namaste! xo
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13 reflections
Peace love and harmony
This has opened my eyes to what I’ve sought after for my whole life, peace love and harmony within a family unit however and whoever that may be made up of.
I Am Powerful
I learned that each and everyday we manifest things even when we aren’t meaning to and we are powerful enough to bring even more things into our life by focusing on what brings us happiness.
Charee jones
To speak and find the positive in every situation
When you change your mindset the world around you has no choice but to change
What I already knew...
I have the power- it’s in me. I can manifest all I need and want.
One by one
I can push away the obstacles, one by one, that keep me from achieving true happiness - be they thoughts, emotions or actions.
I learned that you can attract manifestation subconsciously. If your energy fields are pure and loving you will attract that energy. If you are thinking too much about what you don't want you are manifesting that into your reality.
Positive positive positive!! Throw out the negavtive cuz it will be nothing but negative
Being present
I noticed that I’m not as focused as I can be Working on improving my focus and attention on manifesting my intentions
I learned that we already do manifestations but didn’t know it and that we can practice to build that up
I felt
Angry that the three secrets weren’t explicitly laid out. It feels like I have to go seek out the rest of the podcast episode in order to discover them. Don’t appreciate the clickbait style of this session at all.
I like the point about if have negative emotions and thoughts that is what the universe will pick up and what you’ll attract. I’ve felt very anxious with the pandemic and all the changes.
I need to be more positive and trust the universe that the choices I make being in a better state of mind will be better than one of fear.
Direct your Energy
I’m not directing enough energy into what I want. Instead, I’m focusing on the blockages that absorb all my energy and bring me down. I don’t have it clearly written what I really want, but I should set a goal, and a WHY.
I sometimes can’t control my upstream thoughts eventhough I know it will only make things better
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