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The Tea Cup

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is an old zen story about emptying the mind of what we know.
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Thought provoking story...
In the end, I learned that in order to achieve an enlightened state; I need to start with a fresh, clear mind. Otherwise the tea cup of my own life will continue to overflow with negativity.
Tea cup
“Come back to me with an empty mind.” I love this line, especially since our society values and reinforces abundance. Abundance, from our society’s view, is a sign of wealth, status, and security. However, when it comes to our inner lives, emptiness is a sign of space. A space to grow, learn, and challenge ourselves to take steps towards who we have always wanted to be.
So often the tea cup
So often I feel as though when I’m talking to certain people their minds are already made up and there is no room for growth or understanding of any other point of view and it’s almost as though useless to continue talking with them Bc they have it all figured out yet the tea cup also deals with people who are so filled up with things in order to be content that in order to find the true meaning and way to joy is the ability to look inside the inner vessel, deep within their being and find from their own sense of worth an internal eternal wealth YET, they cannot because they’ve spent their entire lives filling the voids with takings and things and climbing and climbing to some facade in order to sustain them that when they realize ( if they ever realize ) that cannot make you truly happy, they then must question their whole lives Bc all they’ve ever known no longer has the power to bring “ happiness “ and buying things to be happy is a heck of a lot easier than is, doing the hard work.
Zen=an empty mind? I'm certain that an ”empty mind” is a human impossibility.
The Tea Cup
I wonder if the message of the story is to approach self improvement with a mind empty of our own self importance, as well as what we think we need or want, so that we can discover from the journey what we REALLY need...
In the “important” man’s case, his fullness was a fullness of himself. In his mind he thought he was most important. He couldn’t possibly learn until he emptied himself of his self-importance. For myself, I equate “empty” to being open to possibility.
As I was listening to this session, I was struggling to find the point. I didn't know what the "moral of the story" was going to be. But the last line about coming back empty hit me. I understood this as we should always be able to learn and grow. Even if we think we're "full", we should always strive to learn and grow.
Empty Our Mind
Great story teaching us that when our mind is too full on other things it is hard for us to absorb new teachings.
Empty cup
Metaphor for open mind. Try to listen and understand more than talk and dismiss.
Racing mind
I realise that I am also like the full teacup. My mind is continuously racing. How do I empty my mind....even a little bit?
Tea cup
I learned but to truly be in lightened and approach anything with mindfulness we have to let go of preconceived Notions . We must also be humble I’m not self-important or arrogant. The best way to be mindful in any situation is To enter it with an empty mind that is willing to learn I am grateful for The people who work for this app for putting this track together and for teaching me the value of an empty mind. I am also grateful for the community on this app . Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK and happy, and well
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