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The Tale of the Baker and the Farmer

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
A story about how we never really get away with cheating.....even though we think we do! honesty is always the best policy.
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Interesting catch!
I've never ”ripped someone off”, not intentionally anyway! I HAVE been ripped off many times however! People don't seem to place value on the services I provide, typically. Though the work I do is integral to their businesses, like developing logos, creating signs, producing print goods like brochures and business cards, banners and signs. Even large corporate entities will skimp on services, or just refuse to pay outright, not seeing the level of professionalism and pride I bring to my work. I believe in going above-and-beyond, where many designers follow the professional photography model, and claim copyright over works like logos, I assign all rights to the paying customer, and deliver an archive of all work done under contract. I like to think this makes me a better designer and businessman than others. I intend to continue in this way as I develop a new incarnation of my business today.
I felt calm listening to this story. I noticed what happened if you do rip people off, and they lose trust in you. I learned to always give everyone a fair share because I do not want others to lose trust in me.
Great example of how we do things while thinking that it would never come back to affect us. But it always does, even if it’s subtile. Our good deeds can trigger others to pay it forward and one day someone might help you, because someone helped them, because someone before helped them and so on, and the person at the beginning of the chain reaction is you.
I learned to not cut people short and to not try and rip of my friends for there trustworthy is much better
This little story carries so much more meaning than is readily apparent. It deals with the most necessary values of life that appear to be constantly thrown at, or left by, the roadside ignored and no longer significant. Why are we as humans ignoring that which raises us above the animal kingdom and makes us human? Why have values such as these become insignificant: honesty, integrity, kindness, charity, honor, valor, concern, truth, loyalty, consideration, the list is endless. Absent these attributes, mankind is merely man, and the kindness and gentleness of the animals becomes far superior, as I see it.
What Do You Choose
“What you give is what you get.” If you are trustworthy, people will trust you, if you are honorable, you will be respected. If you are kind ... However, the same applies when we choose unsavory characteristics. The choice is ours. What do you choose? Thank you to Kathy for pointing out this story.
I learned that giving is better than getting
If you give to homeless it will make there day. Think about what all the homeless people have been going through to survive. And the people who have lost there homes and family and friends. always care about family because you never know what might happen to them.
The Baker and the Farmer
I learned that this was not going to be a bedtime story from all of the previous ones. I listened and was trying to figure out how the Baker was going to be responsible for the underweight butter. I wasn't sure if he was going to be the culprit who sold the scales to the farmer or what. I was delighted by the ending of the tale. However, I am not sure that chuckling over the moral of the story is how a sleep story is supposed to work.
The Farmer and the Baker (2nd attempt)
I already assumed that I wasn't going to be "lulled" to sleep by the story based upon my prior experiences with Aura's sleep stories. Within a little bit of the story's beginning, I knew that the Baker had something to do with the underweight butter. I wasn't sure if he sold the scales to the farmer or what exactly. And so when the story ended, I chuckled at the outcome! I'm sure that that is *not* the desired end result of what someone should be doing after listening to a sleep story!
I learned that you should always be honest to encourage others to trust you.
Be authentic because someone will know. Remember that someone could be yourself