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The Stone Cutter

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
this is a Zen story about appreciating where one is at in life.
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11 reflections
I felt very calm and relaxed, it was like drifting away on some very soft clouds.
I learned that listening to someone’s story can inspire you to be the greatest individual you can be.
The Stone Cutter
Once again, a story has made me feel better! But the immigrants are still being harmed and their children are alone in cages crying for their parents. How is it possible for one man to cause so much destruction, to be so evil, to ruin everything he touches or even thinks about???
Where you are
I learned that you will always want what others have and eventually it will come a time when you want what you had before. It’s important to love and be happy with who you are and what you have already.
Stone Cutter
I felt inspired and appreciative by the story with all of the things I already received and the things to come I was also reminded to celebrate with other peoples successes instead of being jealous of their lifestyle an accomplishment you could be chisel and molded into something that isn't meant for you everything isn't meant for everyone
Good story
I like this story. It kind of puts things going on in perspective. Patience and appreciation.
Envy, wishes and dreams
The stonecutter became all the things he wished for, only to find that he, in his place and who he was, was plenty powerful. I need to learn that while my dreams may be grandiose and important to me, the fact that I have to work so hard to achieve them doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have them. I just need to learn to better temper them in the current reality of my life. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Certainly not!
I liked the story. I’m always striving for more better faster. I needed this reminder to be happy right now in this moment. But sometimes a new pair of shoes does do the trick! 😉
The Stone Cutter
Listening to this story, I was reminded that we are the most powerful when we live the truth of who we are.
Thine Own Self
Jealousy, envy and the desire to be who and what we are not gets us absolutely nowhere but into a position of feelings of failure, inadequacy and insufficiency. When we learn to accept ourselves as we are and know that we are enough, just as we are, then we can be true to ourselves and live our lives with a new found passion to be true to ourselves, and therefore, content.
Another one about perception
The imagery of this story is serene and beautiful. I’ve been searching and searching for what I should be or think I should be. This is a good reminder of all that I’m searching for is right here within me.
Time honored tail
Searching for what we already have. What a timeless story. How do we let so many things get in the way? Not realizing what we already have? I know this to be true, but living that way is so difficult at times.
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