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The Six Secrets to 'Manifest Your Miracles'

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Ratusny
Life Coaching WISDOM
This week’s episode is all about the making of miracles; for whatever you want most deeply; and for whatever is in your heart.  Let me show you how to bring your miracles into the light of day; to do this with all of your 'big ticket items', dreams, and life goals; as well as to manifest what I call “daily miracles” and the six secrets (and steps) for how to do this. After listening here, I invite you to check out my video on the 'Mastery of Manifesting'; in which I share my experience with manifesting something that literally took years to show up in the physical world; how I had no idea of how I was going to make this happen; and yet how I continued to hold with clarity and of my heart, what I wanted; and then, how it manifested beautifully in its right timing, and in such a perfect way that I could never have imagined. This miracle manifesting was the result of my applying all six secrets; including unwavering belief. Here is the link for this video: https://youtu.be/J6uwT3w5ghQ + be sure to download the PDF with a list of your six manifesting secrets + more tips on manifesting! https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ttggw0e6vcwl01/The%20Six%20Secrets%20to%20Manifest%20Your%20Miracles%20-%20Life%20Coaching%20WISDOM%20-%20on%20AURA%20with%20dorothy%20ratusny.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy this gift of manifesting unto yourself!! love dorothy
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