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The 6 Secrets to Manifest Your Miracles

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Let me show you how to bring your miracles into the light of day; to do this with all of your big-ticket items, dreams, and life goals; as well as to manifest what I call “daily miracles” and the six secrets (and steps) for how to do this. After listening here, I invite you to check out my video on the 'Mastery of Manifesting'; in which I share my experience with manifesting something that literally took years to show up in the physical world. Be sure to download the PDF with a list of your six manifesting secrets + more tips on manifesting!
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Manifest Miracles
This has been a wonderful experience to listen and learn that there are tangible, physical, practical meaning to practice of course methods to manifest miracles from God. I do believe that almost all of this is definitely written in scripture in one form or another. And I believe this is very close to what God wants for us and what Jesus is teaching us to allow the Holy Spirit living within us to assist us to do many great things. Yes of course for ourselves but more importantly and most importantly for others. Very well done this is a major piece of the puzzle for helping us to live abundantly as Jesus came into this world to assist us and to have us provide for ourselves and again most importantly for others. Thank you.
Walter J
Manifesting …
Dorothy unloads a ton of helpful stuff in this session! Too much to take it all in so I am looking forward to her notes she is making available. I believe she is right on with what she is saying. We are all manifesting every day with every word we say, feeling we encourage and thought we hold onto. While it is sometimes difficult to believe this it must be so. Natural Laws are always at work and they work the same for everyone. Thus the importance of learning what these Laws are and how to apply them properly. Dorothy is helping us do this in order that we all can more purposely manifest what we truly want. It is an ongoing 24/7 thing that always produces what is imagined and nurtured and acted upon. So be certain to THINK and ACT in the Certain Way. Thanks Dorothy and looking forward to the handout!! I know I have been purposely manifesting my dreams for years and it is Becoming my full time Life Purpose this year, thanks in part to Aura and our great tribe!! Much Love & L.U.C.K. to all!! Walter J - TLMA “The Luckiest Man Alive” ❤️☮️🍀
I think this was an adopted ‘script’ from the many available on the internet. It came across as a ‘please subscribe to my website/podcast’……
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