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The Ship at Sea

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
How often do we find ourselves fighting and arguing when actually, it's pointless? listen to this allegedly true account of a dialogue between a US navy ship and another local party.
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Yes, it can be difficult to admit when you’re in the wrong, BUT it isn’t fair when you are cast adrift without all the necessary information to base a decision upon! The lighthouse keeper was not doing their job correctly if an entire fleet of ships was about to impact upon the land. Should both parties have handled themselves better? Surely! In the end, they were both wrong, and the only possible reaction should have been relief at the avoidance of a maritime disaster.
Your Call
I have heard this story many times. A great reminder to pick your battles and not waste energy trying to change what you cannot change.
US Politicians
As a US citizen I couldn’t help but make the analogy between this story and the current impasse between the administration and Congress. How do you negotiate with a party who is willing to run the ship on the rocks rather than change course or compromise?
Listening to this story really got me thinking about how important it is to realize that some things, circumstances, and people cannot, or are unwilling, to change or make accommodations for others. Brick walls are painful and we have been blessed with both the ability to recognize that brick wall and the ability to think creatively and not battle.
Trying to change things you shouldn’t
In listening to this story it reminded me of a friend I have had for 10+ years and I realized that I didn’t like her actions or really the type of person she was. So instead of accepting that maybe we just aren’t compatible friends at this point in time I insisted on trying to change her by getting upset at things she would do and lecturing her about what I thought were poor choices she made thinking my determination would make her into someone I thought she was. Well in the end I realized that she was a who she was and I was going to accept it and change my course of action. Now we have more respect and love for each other than we’ve had before.
Pick your battles!
This is something I’m working on and learning to de-stress and not worry so much about things I have no control over. This was a good story!
I’ve often been that ship!
Such a short but powerful story that resonated deeply.. I’ve spent so much time and wasted so much energy trying to change things or even people to suit my desires or wants... never with much consideration that they are as they are and often can’t be changed, or don’t need to be changed.. it’s just about acceptance.. ask yourself, do you want to be happy, or right? I choose happy!.. and I’ll steer this ship around any obstacles to be just that! 😊
Pick Your Battles
This story resonated with me in regards to my Dad. My Dad has a tendency to consistently lie about why he hasn’t done something like making an appointment for his annual physical or other things I may question him about. I am learning to just let it go, accept the fact that he will never take accountability for any mistakes he has made, and he will stay in victim mode. My energy is better spent elsewhere.
A good reminder of the importance of not wasting energy on what we cannot change
In my work my company constantly cuts cost, lays off workers and will replace good software with cheaper products that mean more work for the team. One has to take a breath, stand back and say "this chaos is not my making". In America individuals feel forced to work harder and harder whilst company's cut cost. Instead of stressing and pushing myself to breaking point I have learned that I must accept my environment is not perfect. I will do my best and work hard but not to the point of burnout. Anyone relate?
Nice story
This story is a good reminder not to make assumptions and jump to conclusions and to make sure and be open to learning from others. Let our stubbornness and fears go and get comfortable with ourselves and let the ego rest.
The ship at sea
Be open to new ideas. Be quick to accept change. It is inevitable but if we are not willing to see and change course we could run into trouble.
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