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The Secret of Intentional Forgiveness

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The intentional act of forgiveness will require your heart to open; to feel a 'letting go' of what you have held and harbored for so long. In being willing to forgive all of what has caused you to suffer, you begin the important healing of your body, your mind, your soul - and you realign with your highest self - the perfection of what you are as energy. Let this be a powerful new way to look at and curate forgiveness in your life. Namaste xo dorothy
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I started listening to this and thought, “ I’m catholic. I got this. What else do you have for me?” But after finishing the session I realized that I have forgiven others for the most part, but it’s me who I don’t forgive for having anxiety. It is just as importantly forgive yourself and live in the present moment as it is to forgive others. After all, we are our own toughest critics.
Negativity does not serve me
I harbor a lot of negative emotions from what people have done to me in the past. I feel as if I am a good down to earth person not perfect though and it hurts me that I have been betrayed lied to etc. letting go and forgiving is so hard for me because I subconsciously hold a grudge and I never truly release those feelings and accept the fact that it’s okay for me to be hurt then eventually move on to a place that will fulfill and serve me.
Forgiveness coaching
I should really listen to this over and over again until I can do it. It’s not healthy to relive the pain and the hurt every time I think about situation. There’s an event that happens every year where I relive a major wrong done to me. Because of how it went down I don’t think I can ever forgive him. I know that I should forgive him for my own healing. That is why I need to listen to this coaching on forgiveness over and over again.
I am reminded that it is my choice to feel anger, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, desire and any other emotion I choose to feel. I am reminded that forgiveness is a gift to myself. When I accept that gift, and allow myself to feel happiness and satisfaction with who I am and the choices that I’ve made, the path before me becomes clearer. I am more open to receive love, to be seen as exuding happiness, to be content in my own skin.
I learnt that loving someone that WAS someone I loved, isn’t love at all💗
Forgiveness has not always been easy for me. I’ve come across situations where I was hurt by family, friends, relationships, and even co-workers. I guess I’ve been the type of person who has a heart and gives. But that has been taken advantage of. I learned that you must forgive others and most importantly yourself. I’m my own worst enemy and harshest critic when forgiving myself because I would feel like I was unworthy to forgive myself. But forgiving ourselves is necessary in order to move on and stop living in a prison of anger, hurt, and resentment. Today I choose to move forward with my life and choose to be happy.
I felt that I have a lot of forgiving to overcome and it has made me feel uneasy. Sad I guess u could put it.
Opening the heart
Opening the heart to someone or something that causes you anguish is all you need to turn a frown in to a smile!
I am healthy and healed.
We can get side tracked in life, it is an honor to be functioning so well and feeling positive, I am healthy and healed.
We only experience something one time
Although the actual event occurs only once, if it is a traumatic event we can become stuck in it. My Challenge is that my emotions and memories around this event and even the fact that I continue to dwell on it is happening at a subconscious level most of the time, but it is still having a tremendous impact on me. However through these relaxing meditation’s I am able to begin to bring some of the feelings and fears into to consciousness. Once I’m conscious of them I can release them. Mindfulness is definitely the way out of this dilemma but I have to overcome my resistance to allowing the emotions to surface.
I learned that by being in the present moment and consciously deciding not to relive bad things that have happened to me I can forgive more easily.
3/Day 2
I learned about forgiveness. You can’t truly be happy unless you have forgiven yourself and others.
Aug 14
So I do this in the morning and I think it’s not as affective because I’m so tired that it doesn’t do anything.
The Secret of Intentional Forgiveness.
What I felt is that by rethinking and re-acting the traumatic incident repeatedly in our mind, we actually do more harm to ourselves than the person who caused us the suffering. We increase that anguish thousand folds by giving the incidents an importance, a relentless place in our mind that they never deserved from the beginning.
Software change?
my 3 minute meditation is 4 minutes and preachy. it's kind of insulting to presume I dont already know about not stifling ones bad feelings. I may have to find another software that meets my needs.
software change?
my app must not be working right, I dont like it. at all. its preachy and bossy -too short, write more it commands. that's pretty insulting.
My pain
I learned that I can’t hold my anger in like I have been. I need to forgive my parents for my sake, not theirs
Mood Dampener
This session talked a lot about anger, pain, and suffering. I am currently laying in the grass in my yard feeling absolutely brilliant and did not need to think about that kind of stuff. Still feel brilliant, but this session is not good for feeling great.
Loving yourself
I learned to love myself in order to reach the happiest version of myself and have s more positive outlook on life
I learmed that I should take my anger toward another and release it to the universe, no longer holding onto it and keeping me a prisoner to it
You got to take care of people around you and learn how to forgive them because at the end of the day they’re family 🙏🏽❤️
Ability to create happiness is now and only
Power to avoid waiting and postponing happiness is always available.
Valuable moments are lost when we allow our past experiences to captivate our mind. One can only break free from PTSD by being fully present in the moment. Forgive the individuals and the circumstances I have encountered, make amends for my own well-being. Then, I will not try to solve or understand what has occurred. Rather, live with the satisfaction of being in the present and cherish every precious moment.
Intentional Forgiveness
Let go of the pain that the unkind act is causing. If you do not let it go, it will continue to cause pain. I have been working in this for a year. It is still so very hard because the action that hurts me continues but I can only control my reaction to it...
I'm Forgiving Without an Apology
I want to be happy - now. I want to be free - now. I want to forgive but I do not know how. This session patted me on the back and told me to let go of what has left me angry and confused, and though it is easier said than done, the wound will only start to heal when I learn to stop picking at its seams.
It is forgiveness, not revenge, that sets one free and leads to true peace and happiness.
Precious moments.
I learned that a part of forgiving is choosing not to relive the moments that we felt hurt or anguish.
what I learned from this
this medication practiced talked about how to forgive. it spoke of how it is necessary to release the tension of an experience felt in your heart and body in order to overcome the feeling of the events that hurt you. it spoke how the healing comes as you essentially, try and do better than you did before, it isnt ehat happend yo you, it's the way you respond to what happens to you. a lesson I must internalize once again.
cant sleep
I'm Talkin to to many people I take a break from everything and cone on here it helps a lil bit but can't really sleep yet
I learned that I am still hold on to feelings and situations that don't matter anymore. still holding hatred towards an ex when I have someone new and wonderful right in front of me that's getting it right everywhere my ex went wrong. I need to let it go.
i have survived. the pain you put onto my life is one i wish for no more. your face, the hurt you put me through. the trauma. i want to forgive you. it won’t happen today, tomorrow, or even next month. but it will someday. i need to come to terms with what you did to me; what i went through. i want to forgive you. i want your hold on me gone. great meditation.
forgiveness is key and let all anger vanquish. we may feel angry about a situation but we should learn how to fight back in a way that doesn't affect anyone around us
story time
I think that was a nice story definitely was thought provoking
You live each “awful” experience once but relive it each time u think abt it. Remember the wrongness of the situation, but release the tension and anger to come to peace.
“For giving my self freedom”
Forgiveness can start with me. Some of my biggest resentments are with myself, and while I’ve realized this before, I’ve never really gave it enough thought to actively forgive myself. The word “forgiveness” can be understood as “for-giving-myself another chance”. This really resonated with me, and I am willing to give myself another chance, especially when I’ve given others so many more chances, I deserve forgiveness as well. I’ve made mistakes, some worse than others, but nonetheless, I know I am a good person, I have a warm and loving heart, and I desperately want to believe that we, as human beings, are all innately similar- and we all want to love and to be loved in return.
Healing takes time but we will get there if we choose to. Loved this short but very impactful session, I’m learning to be the best version of myself
an important lesson
wow. suffering and victimhood is not heroic, however learning from the experience gives it gravity and enormous potential to change things for the better. cool to think about
Wishing this had been my first...
...mindfulness lesson a year ago. If what Dorothy says here is true for me, I really don't have anyone else to blame or be angry with over my situation, but I likely AM experiencing a form of PTSD! Maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time letting go of my anger and sadness about my situation? I have considered this briefly in the past...may have even brought it up in therapy. I think I will again at my next therapy session and see what my therapist thinks. I'm sick and tired of being sad...and days spent wallowing in my depression, like yesterday, do me absolutely no good whatsoever.
I always use those app to wind down every night before bed. I appreciate this app so much and appreciate the life coaching and stories too!
happiness is a choice. you can either choose to get angry at everything or choose to be happy
Refusing to re live the experience again and again - stoping the memory when it arises- go to a happy place instead. Have control of the thoughts and just be in the moment. Appreciate what the present moment is offering.
I was walking on the beach in Puerto Rico when I listen to this particular medication
living in the moment is very important and traumas are just experiences
I need to open my heart, forgive and heal. If I dont forgive I become vulnerable to the danger of being a slave to my negative feelings.
I was satisfied and happy but after this session l am so happy because l take a few minutes of the day to myself not to other people, so it was so great guys 💖
Whether it is forgiving another or forgiving ourselves, the power we get from saying “I will no longer let this hurt me” is magnificent 💛💛
Forgiveness has always been a tough one for me. I will admit it is one of my flaws. This lesson taught me having an open heart, practicing mindfulness, and living in the present moment are ways to help stop reliving those painful moments. Those painful moments are often great lessons in our life that leads us to a higher purpose. I will say within the last month of meditating everyday I can feel my mindset changing in a positive way. It is more focused on what is happening right now. I am hoping as I continue on this path I will fully be able to leave the past where it belongs... in the past. Namaste!🙏
Something to work on
Wow, it’s hard to put into words how I’m feeling right now after listening to the 7min version of this. I have downloaded and favourited the session though as I KNOW I need to keep listening to this to fully understand and accept what is said and to work on letting go of all the past hurts and wrong doings, to understand them as catalysts for growth and change and to view them as experiences; to no longer keep reliving them but to truly live in the Now. The problem can be when I live in the now and don’t like the now my mind starts to wander, for example “i wouldn’t be in this situation if it wasn’t for....” and start revisiting the past rather than deal with the now. So I have lots to work on and I know forgiveness is key to this. I have had lots of positive role models to follow and guide me in life which have helped immensely in situations, however something that I have never been helped with is how to forgive. The people around me are those who say “i will never forgive...” and hold on to hurts from over 30 years ago and I am currently doing the same. I hope that with the help of sessions like this I can make positive changes and learn to forgive for my own sake, not those who have wronged me or others.
I now feel blessed and more at peace. Thankful for the resurrection of Jesus Christ 💓
I must forgive if i want God to forgive me as well. Forgiveness must start within each of our hearts and then it will flow outward to those around us. 💓
I noticed that I felt validated by the selection and that it was comforting to note that you can forgive but that does not take away the fact that someone else did intentionally wrong you. Somehow holding on to the hurt was wrongly making me feel justified
Forgiving myself
I learned that I need to let go of my negativity and to forgive myself and that that is okay, I deserve forgiveness
Forgiving myself
I’m a prisoner stuck in my head. Subconsciously, over the years I’ve been able to shut off my emotions. This is because forgiving myself would require my mind to wander among the many experiences, trauma and sufferings I’ve dealt with personally. I don’t hold grudges with other’s. The only grudge I hold is against myself. Forgiving myself is the number 1 issue I’m currently trying to work on.
Forgo instead of forgive helps me let go of suffering. Remembering that hating another is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to suffer.
I learned that forgiveness is for me & when I am able to forgive, I can become more free of not only others but also myself.
Forgiveness is freeing yourself from the past/trauma/event that caused us pain. It helps us live our lives in the present moment.
Need to learn..
I need to learn to forgive a lot of stuff from the passed in order for me to move to the future and focus on the present. Forgiveness is a huge thing and this definitely helped me realize that I need to start forgiving.
I’ve learned that I don’t know how to forgive or may not even want to
Letting go of emotions that I have harbored is necessary for me to heal - not the other person. This will take some work and vulnerability which I am committed to. Looking in the mirror and seeing what is true can be hard. I can make it through any obstacle as long as I am true to the person I see in that mirror.