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The Secret of Intentional Forgiveness

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The intentional act of forgiveness will require your heart to open; to feel a 'letting go' of what you have held and harbored for so long. In being willing to forgive all of what has caused you to suffer, you begin the important healing of your body, your mind, your soul - and you realign with your highest self - the perfection of what you are as energy. Let this be a powerful new way to look at and curate forgiveness in your life. Namaste xo dorothy
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11 reflections
I started listening to this and thought, “ I’m catholic. I got this. What else do you have for me?” But after finishing the session I realized that I have forgiven others for the most part, but it’s me who I don’t forgive for having anxiety. It is just as importantly forgive yourself and live in the present moment as it is to forgive others. After all, we are our own toughest critics.
Negativity does not serve me
I harbor a lot of negative emotions from what people have done to me in the past. I feel as if I am a good down to earth person not perfect though and it hurts me that I have been betrayed lied to etc. letting go and forgiving is so hard for me because I subconsciously hold a grudge and I never truly release those feelings and accept the fact that it’s okay for me to be hurt then eventually move on to a place that will fulfill and serve me.
Forgiveness coaching
I should really listen to this over and over again until I can do it. It’s not healthy to relive the pain and the hurt every time I think about situation. There’s an event that happens every year where I relive a major wrong done to me. Because of how it went down I don’t think I can ever forgive him. I know that I should forgive him for my own healing. That is why I need to listen to this coaching on forgiveness over and over again.
I am reminded that it is my choice to feel anger, pain, hurt, joy, happiness, desire and any other emotion I choose to feel. I am reminded that forgiveness is a gift to myself. When I accept that gift, and allow myself to feel happiness and satisfaction with who I am and the choices that I’ve made, the path before me becomes clearer. I am more open to receive love, to be seen as exuding happiness, to be content in my own skin.
I learnt that loving someone that WAS someone I loved, isn’t love at all💗
Forgiveness has not always been easy for me. I’ve come across situations where I was hurt by family, friends, relationships, and even co-workers. I guess I’ve been the type of person who has a heart and gives. But that has been taken advantage of. I learned that you must forgive others and most importantly yourself. I’m my own worst enemy and harshest critic when forgiving myself because I would feel like I was unworthy to forgive myself. But forgiving ourselves is necessary in order to move on and stop living in a prison of anger, hurt, and resentment. Today I choose to move forward with my life and choose to be happy.
I felt that I have a lot of forgiving to overcome and it has made me feel uneasy. Sad I guess u could put it.
Opening the heart
Opening the heart to someone or something that causes you anguish is all you need to turn a frown in to a smile!
I am healthy and healed.
We can get side tracked in life, it is an honor to be functioning so well and feeling positive, I am healthy and healed.
We only experience something one time
Although the actual event occurs only once, if it is a traumatic event we can become stuck in it. My Challenge is that my emotions and memories around this event and even the fact that I continue to dwell on it is happening at a subconscious level most of the time, but it is still having a tremendous impact on me. However through these relaxing meditation’s I am able to begin to bring some of the feelings and fears into to consciousness. Once I’m conscious of them I can release them. Mindfulness is definitely the way out of this dilemma but I have to overcome my resistance to allowing the emotions to surface.
I learned that by being in the present moment and consciously deciding not to relive bad things that have happened to me I can forgive more easily.
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