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The Seasons of Life

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This story helps remind us that there is a timing and season to all things, and to not judge ourselves or others.
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Hope in life for better times
I learned that even in the hardest time you shouldn‘t forget the good times and the joy you had in life before. After hard times the sun will start to shine again for you and better things are yet to come.
Seasons of life 🦋
It does make sense to compare a persons personality or appearance to the seasons of a tree bc we all react differently in different situations, our moods are up-and-down and everything around us affects how we feel, what we say and what we do. It takes time to see the evolution of a person, creature or tree. ☮️
Of course, we don't usually have the option of seeing a person through all the seasons of their lives...we have to take them as we find them now. For instance, if you were to meet me now, in my current state of overall misery? You'd assume I’d always been a hurting and grumpy old guy! Not true! Before my stroke? I was a pretty happy-go-lucky fella...busy, family, job, businesses, networking, out-and-about. Volunteering left-and-right. Now? I'm a completely different person! However, one of the pleasures in life is the opportunity to get to know someone, and uncovering the stories that made them who you meet now. I've known my beautiful, loving wife Jill for 20 years, and there are still stories we’re discovering about each other! Attended a big community event last evening and ran across many old friends and acquaintances...had the opportunity to catch up, gab, and reconnect! That's part of the overall experience!
i interpreted this session as saying, no matter how hard life is right now, it won't last.This time is just a season and like all seasons it will pass.
4 seasons
“Don’t let the pain of one season in life destroy all the rest.” Just because things were difficult/.are difficult now. This difficulty, nor bitter past experiences need to define my life.
I really liked this session because it said that even though one thing can look one way, you shouldn’t judge it because another day it may look different from what you thought and perceived
Our lives go through different seasons. We cannot give up on nor judge ourselves or others just because we went through a bad season. After all, as this story suggests, is all the seasons that complete the circle of life.
Walter J
What a wise father in this story! I Hope we can get more parents to teach their children this story. I know I will be putting it in my talks more often! Thanks you Cassandra! I also took it personally on another level that I am only budding in life and getting ready to blossom. That gives me so much Hope & Joy for a fruitful life that is coming in the next seasons of my life... God willing of course! 💚🍐🍀
Listened Again
I heard Cassandra's telling of this tale months ago, but Walter’s reflection had me trying it again this evening. One can NEVER go wrong listening to Cassandra! (that lovely voice!) Just had an absolutely awful trip out of the house! Needed to relax some and get my BP under control. This helped!👍
A worthwhile reminder
As I continue through a challenging season, it feels like it will last forever. I need to remember that seasons are temporary. I have to have hope that this is the case. I have to have faith that things will work out. While this is a challenge, I need to take it one day at a time and believe that the other seasons are coming. I hope they do.
I loved this! I feel like as we all go from day to day we huge so much on our past instead of looking forward to what is ahead and judge so many people on just want we see in that second and not on everything that we don’t see.
Pear Tree
Even though things are difficult now they will change and the fruits will be seen.
Life is ever changing. You just have to wait for your season to bloom and bear fruit.
This was a great one. When I have a bad day or a bad moment even I let it get to me greatly. I need to learn to let things go, it’s ok to have a rough day but I shouldn’t let that rough day run my week...
The Seasons of Life
Do not let a difficult time ruin your life! Remember that life has many seasons and even though we will experience difficulty, it is but one part. Keep growing
Seasons of Life
This story is a good reminder to not let one challenging season in your life ruin the joy of possibility of what the next season in your life may have in store for you.
Paisley Jo
I felt calm...
I felt so relaxed and I’ve been homesick some,but know I’m fine!
The Seasons of Life
things change... so don't get stuck. Keep growing and learning
Getting Through The Difficult Seasons
I learned that continuing to fight even when you’re in a bad place will get you through to the happier times.
Joys & Challenges
It’s tough to remember every new chapter in life comes with its own sets of joys and challenges.
Burning out and being forced to rest
I learned the hard way that if I deny of ignore the urgings of the heart and gut to move into the next seasons, life will meet me with tremendous resistance.
Pear Tree
I learned that better times will come after a seasonal of despair and the colours of life will return.
The Seasons of Life
This story is a perfect metaphor for life; we as humans see the world and our own lives differently, some see life as hard and not good and others see the world as good and peaceful. Life can be good but it can also have its challenges we as humans learn to overcome and succeed at getting through the toughest and toughest challenges
The seasons of our lives
I felt a connection to this story because as a society today people judge to quickly based of one season they have heard of but don’t want to take the time to see the other three seasons and how a person can grow and change. That a person is going to have their beautiful days and their ugly days. If we as people only take the time to see one season of life, then we’ll miss the other seasons of life. Don’t be too quick to judge a person or situation before looking at the other seasons that come with it
Lessons learned:
Judge not a person or self by one season- you’ll miss the beauty, promise, fulfillment and change- you’ll miss the essence. Don’t let one season steal the joy of the (future) others.
I felt that this session pertained to how I manage my stress. I forget to see how far I’ve come and what is to come ahead. I need to learn to just be. Be present. What will come will come. Change will make sure of it.
I was reminded to appreciate and not to judge
Everything is better when you can experience it with clear thoughts and eyes!
I feel calm and sleepy
I learned that overtime a person go through things in life and that there is beauty in everyone
But a season
A lovely reminder that although winter has been long and harsh spring will come
In assessing a person, one must look not only on the quality of his mind, but more importantly the quality of his heart and soul, which transcend all seasons. 💚
Don’t let one event change your life and emotion
I learned that for me I cannot let one One terrible thing change my emotion . As like season it will pass by .
Wow, great great lesson
It’s so easy to get wrapped up into “one season” and not see or feel that it’s temporary. We have to look beyond. This is such a great lesson!
Two things
This story reinforced not one, but two lessons. The first is that people with different experiences of the same situation may come away with a different perspective from what you may have. It is important to respect all of these viewpoints. The second one is that just because One particular time. May be difficult it doesn’t mean the whole experience of life is a loss. Sometimes, we have to make it through the bad times to get the better ones The bedtimes may be a relevant when we look at our lives as a whole. Thank you to those who work for this app for teaching me these lessons, and putting this track together. I am also grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.
Wow, I needed to hear this right now! I am going through a very difficult time but know that in a month things will be totally different. I just need to get through this difficult moment
Heard this when I was a child
This is a great and simple parable that reminds me to be slow to judge but to be curious and patient to observe ❗️
Love the story
It was very profound and I will listen to it again. I will also share it as it helped me realise that I have so much to be happy for but I have allowed my current season to overshadow that.
Seasons of Life
This story was a great reminder to not let one difficult season ruin the rest of joy you may experience in life. It is also important to keep an open heart and mind towards others that might be experiencing a challenging season in their life.
The joy of the Seasons
You can benefit by listening g to this story especially if you suffer from seasonal Depression. Need more stories about this topic
Seasonal Joy
If your fighting seasonal depression, really listen to this story as it gives you a different perspective
Seasonal Depression
I’m really struggling right now & this was a good reminder it’s only season. It will pass. I’m trying to find the light.