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The Scarecrow and the Snowman

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Listen to this short story about the kindness of the scarecrow to animals and birds in the cold winter, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep, perhaps imagining yourself cuddling up warm as well!
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3 reflections
My reflection
I learned that it is always better to be kind no matter what. The lesson in this story is something more people in this world should understand but sadly they don't. The snowman had a very closed mind and didn't think in the slightest that other beings had feelings too. The scarecrow had a very open mind and understood that everyone should be worthy of love no matter what race, species, gender, or sexual identity they are. So overall I believe that more people should take the scarecrow's example and always be kind.
Scarecrow and the Snowman
Even with owning little in physical property, Scarecrow showed kindness. Snowman did not. Kindness won the day. It’s a great thing to live a life with kindness.
Scarecrow & Snowman
I learned that rather than adopting my ex- husband’s attitude, to go back to mine, like the scarecrow.
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