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The Reiki Precepts: “Just For Today”

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
In my training to become a Reiki Master Practitioner, I was taught to repeat these precepts daily. These gentle affirmations have helped me bring mindfulness to my daily life and comfort during trying times. I hope they do the same for you. In this meditation, we will repeat these affirmations to bring alignment and empowerment to your day. Namaste.
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Today’s Intention
Just for today… I will not anger I will not worry I will be honest I will be kind Reciting these statements while breathing in a healing golden light and exhaling anything that no longer serves me, just for today I will remain in the present moment. And so it is.
Idk why but I don’t want my intention to be the same as 👇🏻 bc the they aren’t mine they are just the same as hers, julie’s & I’m not Julie. No offense or disrespect but I want to be different
Idk if that’s something I should feel bad about but I don’t want others feeling less than me or just not able to stand me bc they feel bad about themselves bc of something I can do or I look better or anything bc I don’t ever want someone to feel inferior about themselves just bc of anything even something as simple as the way my freaking body or my face might be skinnier, fatter , prettier, uglier idk. I hate myself already so it really sucks when someone hates me too. Bc I already hate my skin and my hair , my body all of it. Ew. Can’t fucking stand it. But I have to put up with it or deal with it for now bc nothing will change how the inside of my mind or the way my computer is programmed aka my brain.
Honesty stuck with me today- to be honest with myself so I can be honest with others, just for today. Namaste
Just for today
This is great!! Keeps everything in focus, and in manageable time frames…..just for today. Thanks for this🙏🏽🩵
Feeling excited and energized for the week to come. Ready to live the 3 circles principles of health, relationships and money.
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