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The Psychology of Alleviating Fear - the Covid-19 Crisis

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The Three Best Practices for Alleviating Fear Specific to the Coronavirus What Does it Mean to ‘Flatten the Curve’ and How Can You Best Do This? Why NOW is The Best Time to Re-Examine Your Health Care Practices What You Can Do To Improve Your Immune System A Cognitive Therapy Best Practice for Alleviating Fear How to Best Protect Yourself From COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Self-Awareness Tools for Alleviating Fear What Three Tendencies Predispose You to Fear? Please find the additional resources mentioned in this episode, on my website: Please take gentle care of yourself!! Namaste!!
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Alleviating Fear
This is an excellent life coaching session that everyone should make the time to listen to. It provides helpful easy tools on eliminating fear during Covid-19 as well as anxiety in daily life. If you are unable to access this message on Aura, it is available at To alleviate fear during this time the top 3 action steps you should take for yourself are... Educate Yourself- Let your knowledge give you the confidence and reassurance that you have the right steps to be cautious and safe. When irrational thoughts arise, challenge yourself to find facts and evidence to dispel any irrational thoughts. Focus on the whole truth to alleviate fear. Be Proactive- Take the best action to keep yourself safe. Our state has decided to open more stores as well as restaurants which my husband and I have decided we will continue to self isolate for our own health as well as others in our community. Have Faith- Stay optimistic. Reaffirm positive action. Keeping a healthy routine during this time will help to boost your immune system such as healthy eating, exercise, and finding ways to manage your stress levels. Dorothy also recommends journaling to help alleviate any fear or anxiety you are feeling. A couple of good questions for you to reflect on are “What specific fears does this health crisis invoke in me”? “What new health practices will I practice because of this health crisis?” Personally, I find journaling a great outlet at expressing my thoughts and feelings. I find that once I acknowledge what I am feeling as well as following my self care routine it does help to keep myself feeling grounded. May all of you find peace and stay healthy during this time!🙏🤗❤️
This outbreak will forever change the way we live. The way our children will live. How we live speak sit stand walk...interact. In my opinion people have been nicer, less self absorbed and more aware of their surroundings and finally we realize how we are all connected and that this is affecting the whole entire world. We just have to remember that when we smile at someone, we have a mask on. However, You can still see a smile in the eyes ❤️
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