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The Psychology of Alleviating Fear - the Covid-19 Crisis

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
The Three Best Practices for Alleviating Fear Specific to the Coronavirus What Does it Mean to ‘Flatten the Curve’ and How Can You Best Do This? Why NOW is The Best Time to Re-Examine Your Health Care Practices What You Can Do To Improve Your Immune System A Cognitive Therapy Best Practice for Alleviating Fear How to Best Protect Yourself From COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Self-Awareness Tools for Alleviating Fear What Three Tendencies Predispose You to Fear? Please find the additional resources mentioned in this episode, on my website: Please take gentle care of yourself!! Namaste!!
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Walter J
Alleviating ...
Dorothy does an excellent job by being of service to others during this formative time with this meditation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Ridding oneself of Fear does not have to be difficult or tricky. Start by searching for & recognizing the Truth... +98% of people have survived after being tested positive for co-vid 19 - it is a bad virus, NOT a death sentence + the media thrives on negative, bad news & ‘dirty laundry’ which lowers a persons vibration + lower vibrations tend to attract disease by producing dis-ease & thus watching too much news increases your odds of becoming dis-eased & diseased + raising your vibration attracts health & protects you from dis-ease + focusing on & practicing Love, Peace, Joy & Gratitude raises our vibrations +where Focus goes, Energy flows - so choose wisely what you are focused on higher or lower vibrational things. + good personal hygiene, staying hydrated & common sense are your best first lines of defense (& limiting the news - once a day is plenty) Love, Peace, Health & Good Luck to all! Walter J - TLMA ❤️☮️💪🏼🍀 P.S. We will be pass this before you know it. What will you have done or accomplished in this extra down time we have been given?
Alleviating Fear
Excellent informative session with easy tips on alleviating fear during this uncertain time. I do want to listen to her longer version of this when I have a little more time(23 minutes). Knowledge is power. Educate yourself with reliable news sources. Practice the simple hygiene solutions which all of us should be doing on a daily basis anyways. Keep yourself and your family safe by working at home and social distancing. Find natural ways to boost your immune system. Most importantly, keep an optimistic outlook on the situation. When we take action on a situation, it gives us control. It takes the power away from feeling fearful.
Relief in the first 15 seconds
It literally took a few seconds to calm my nervous system after listening to the calming nature sounds. Wow!
For my surviving & dying patients~~
As we struggle to find a cure for COVID-19 I’d like to send a message of hope for all of us to work together in harmony in order to face the challenges & save our lives...
List of things that I feel when I meditate
1. Less stress 2. Less mad 3. Less tired 4. Less sad 5. Less aggravated 6. Less nervous 7. Less agitated 8. More happy 9. At peace 10. Calm 11. Less scared 12. Relaxed I have noticed that when I meditate all the time negative things just disappear and positive things come to my mind and I love that the lord is so good I pray at night
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