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The Practice of Samadhi (Mindfulness): Calm and Tranquility

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
SAMADHI: to collect or bring together, concentration, unification of the mind; 'one-pointedness of mind' (in Buddhism). It is how we lay the groundwork of our meditation practice; of observing without judging - simply being aware. In this traditional meditation we use breath as our point of focus. We learn to deepen our practice of observing without judging - simply being aware.
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11 reflections
I have been seeing that word all over as of late, so I decided to give this meditation a go..WHICH IM SO GLAD I DID! I feel very relaxed as well as grounded. Namaste 🙏🏻
Good practice
Nice practice. I will have to work on since my mind is refusing to settle down. Thanks Dorothy. 🌻
Although Dorothy does a beautiful job of guiding this 10 minute meditation, my mind flitted all over the place like the birds exchanging places at my bird feeders. I am not certain if it was because my mind is so full right now or because I need more practice. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Regardless, I will revisit this meditation another day.
Good for meditative focus
Like many, I have a racing, wandering mind and often use meditation to calm it, slow it down. This narrator had a very soothing voice that allowed me to do just that. She focused one samadhi (one pointed awareness through meditation). I liked that it was a bit longer - 10 min - and I found my mind really able to stick with the focus, even doing it first thing in the morning when I find it can be most difficult to clear my mind and accept peace and stillness.
Dorothy’s gentle, loving kindness spirit comes through her soft voice. I love the easy pace and the gentle background waves and birdsongs. So therapeutic for my soul. Thank you, Dorothy, SOO much. You truly have a gift to share. Namaste to you!
Meditative Awareness
Samadhi is having a concentration, a one pointedness of mind. In this meditation, Dorothy guides us to focus on four different areas: our breath, our belly, our sensations and our heart. Getting comfortable in my chair, I became aware of my first samadhi, my breath. Feeling the air enter and leave my nostrils, I allowed my breath to be just as it was. Becoming aware of my second samadhi, my belly, I noticed the rising and falling with each inhale and exhale. I realized that I was holding tension here and began to relax the muscles. Becoming aware of my third samadhi, sensations in my body, I realized that I was holding my shoulders in an upward position and relaxed these muscles. Being still, I sensed any feelings and emotions I had. In this particular time, I felt an excitement for my upcoming day. Finally, I became aware of my four samadhi, my heart. Bringing awareness to my heart, I felt my heartbeat pulsate throughout my body. Doing these one pointedness of mind, I have strengthened my meditative awareness. The more we practice our meditative awareness, the more we will be able to focus on samadhi without having our mind drift off to thoughts. Over time, we become more mindful by bringing an increased awareness to our everyday lives and activities. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Takes me away
Today is the third time I’ve done this meditation. I can manage three minute meditations without much trouble but beyond that I have to be in a really good place to be able to sit for seven or eight or 10 minutes. This meditation is really helping me to stay focused on my point of concentration. I really like this one. 💖
Quieting my mind was a challenge this morning. But that was OK. I continued the guided meditation and when it was over I realized that I did finally quiet my mind. Great way to start Monday.
Point of concentration
I kept wandering away from the point of concentration today. That let me know I was doing the meditation I needed to be doing today 😅 Even so, when it was over and I opened my eyes I was in that place where I go when I meditate. Pure peace. I love this practice. Thank you Dorothy!
When I am connected all things happen in their own time
Breath is power Inhale - I, love , my, self Exhale - with this breath, I actively choose, to connect with you The Mother, with an open heart and and open container, because I know that you are connected to everything. With this breath I actively choose to commune with you the Mother with an open heart and open container because I know that connecting to you connects us to everything. Service is purpose I love myself so that I may love others Actively choosing what we do with our power is what makes us human Everything is a choice. But we inly need to make one choice. Connect to the Mother and our energy flows to everything. Be kind and send love to everyone and this will flow through to everything Pay attention to the teachings that you have each and every day. They are like stored food and will be there for you when you are hungry. Take time to listen. There is beauty and calm in silence. This is when you can receive the teachings. Be visually aware. There are signs all around us. Be aware of the needs of others. Offer help and companionship to bring others up. Share your energy with the collective. Smiling is fun Focus. Single mindedness. Do your best. You will only get better with practice. Practice. Do the work. Be grateful. There is always something to be grateful for. Be honest. We are all connected Be kind. It costs nothing and adds to our overall connection. Connection is community. Bing born is beautiful Breathe. Consciously. Often. Use your words carefully. Be excellent. Take small steps to achieve your goals. Practice Be your own Rock Make time to connect. Think about our ancestors. Think about your connections to a place. Home is where this happens. Love is everywhere. Channel it. Share it. Feel it. Give graciously. Accept willingly. Listen to compliments. They are not just words. Do not be distracted by all the noise. Actively choose to focus. Practice. Trust The Great Spirit
I felt relaxed
And constantly realized how my mind would wander and had to bring it back. I like the word Samadhi too for some reason, i had never heard of it before.
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